The Playboy of Rome (The Defiore Brothers #1) by Jennifer Faye


March 1, 2015
Harlequin Romance
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I was given The Playboy of Rome for an honest review by Tasty Treats Book Tours

Lizzie had an opportunity to go to Italy and be mentor by the great Chef Massimo Bianco for a TV show. The contracts were signed and both Massimo and Lizzie are both looking forward to working together. So, imagine her surprise when she arrives at Massimo’s restaurant and discovers that Massimo has had a stroke and his grandson is now running the place and he knows nothing of the contract between her, his grandfather and the TV network.

First I want to apologize for the delay in getting The Playboy of Rome finished. I meant to have it done sooner but even though this was a well written book I found it very easy to put down in order to read something else and that is why I feel the need to apologize. That also makes it probable that I will not be reading The Playboy of Rome again in the future.

For some reason I expected more fireworks, seduction and hot steamy bedroom scenes but all I got was fizzling, mediocre attempts at seduction. I did like Lizzie’s tenacious attitude and her passion for fighting the good fight and preparing good food, but her passion just didn’t transfer to the relationship between her and Dante. Then there is Dante who is supposed to be some sort of playboy, so where are the indications of this, like women on his door step or non-stop phone ringing or even a date or two. For some one that should be passion personified he turned out to be a dud.

The bedroom scene was very non-existent and probably shouldn’t even have a heat rating, although, given that this is a Harlequin Romance maybe I shouldn’t be surprised as they have almost always been vague in that area. I prefer a little graphic porn in my books that have titles like The Playboy of Rome.

The only truly positive thing I can say about this book is that I was able to complete two of them within a day of each other allowing me to catch on some of my reading. I hope that the next book is much better than this one because now I am kind of not sure I even want to try to read the next one even though I have agreed to. I am sorry Jennifer Faye but somehow, I just expected more than I got from this story.

Book Cover Rating
The cover was truly a selling point in getting e to even look at The Playboy of Rome but then that saying you can’t judge a book by its cover keeps coming to mind as I think about what I want to say.

Book’s Blurb
Taming the Italian playboy… Lizzie Addler’s dream of working in Italy is
about to come true—that is if she can convince passionate Italian chef Dante DeFiore to keep his side of their bargain. Dante might be hotter than the Italian sun, but he’s as cool as ice toward Lizzie…

Dante hasn’t the time to pander to Lizzie’s dreams of culinary fame—he has a restaurant to run! But as Lizzie proves herself to be a spectacular addition to his kitchen—and to his life—Dante wonders…can he keep her forever?

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