Hope(less) (JUDGEMENT OF THE SIX #1) by Melissa Haag


March 3rd 2013
Shattered Glass Publishing LLC
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Normally I would say something like I was given Hope(less) for an honest review when asked to review a book after getting an email. This time after I got the email asking me to review Judgment Of The Six and Judgement of the Six Companion I thought they sounded familiar and I checked my e-library and found that I owned three of the books and that I had actually purchased Hope(less) in 2013, so, I guess I am a little over due in reading it, better late than never I guess.

Gabby’s life has been controlled by everyone but her since her mother and grandmother passed away. Then she is introduced to a whole new world of werewolves, where she is told she will have to chose a mate. She has other plans and they don’t include a mate so when she gets through the introductions with nothing to show for it, she is ecstatic until she comes face to face with Clay, then the fun begins.

I get why Gabby wants to go to college and to do that one thing she wants to do, but then I also saw how guarded she was when it came to her heart and her secrets, she would rather run then trust anyone with who she is. I was rather disappointed in her downright bitchyness towards Clay. I get guarded and making him work for her heart but I didn’t care for some of her insensitive coldness towards him because some of it was more than uncalled for and truly cruel. I think Gabby was a better person when she dropped the butt head attitude.

Hope(less) starts out a little on the slow side but picks up momentum as the story progresses into a strong steady pace with little to no edits, making this story well worth my time. I have no secret of the fact that I am not a big fan of first-person story lines but I believe that Hope(less) and its counterpart will be the exception. In fact, I found it a challenge because I chose the read Hope(less) and Clay’s Hope as the same time, moving back and forth every few chapters so I was getting both sides. I should have Clay’s Hope review up in a day or to so check back soon.

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When I was looking up basic information to share about Hope(less) I noticed that there is an updated cover and have also included it in this review. I do want to state for the record that for some reason I really like the first cover with just the eyes but then again, the second cover looks more compelling, I think that is the word I am looking for.

Book’s Blurb
Freedom is so close Gabby can taste it. After years of meeting single werewolves and successfully dodging the mating bullet, she’s on her way to her last Introduction to say “No, thanks” one final time. As a human, she has no plans to attach herself to a werewolf. But, she didn’t count on meeting Clay.

With a single look, Gabby knows Clay is the one. And, unfortunately, he knows it too. The silent, ruggedly-handsome werewolf is determined to win his mate by any means necessary. Gabby does what any sane girl would do and runs. Not only does Clay follow, but something truly dangerous does as well.

Now, hunted for the secrets she’s spent her whole life protecting, Gabby must turn to the one man she didn’t want for the help she needs. Time is running out to discover who or what wants her, and Gabby’s just starting to realize there’s more at stake than the heart and freedom of one human girl.

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