Omertá (The Deluca Family #1) by K. A. Ware


September 1, 2015
K.A. Ware
New Adult Romantic Suspense
Author’s Page

I purchased Omertá from Passion in Portland book signing event in 2016 and I want to thank the author for autographing it.

Omertá was not at all what I expected it to be and as I sit here thinking about what I expected I realize I can’t really say for sure what I expected. Maybe I was expecting a mafia princess with daddy issues like Lucky Santangelo in the Jackie Collins series about Gino and Lucky Santangelo. What I got instead was a potential female crime bosses, with homicidal tendencies, rise to power without the daddy issues so in some ways it is similar yet different from the original lady boss, Lucky Santangelo.

I also did not expect an Italian mafia boss to ever be an equal opportunity type crime lord but there you have it. Carlo was more than willing to share his world with Mia although he tries to shelter her when her friend dies he sees the error in trying to protect her from the harsher side of his life and understands her need for full disclosure if they are to be truly partners. My only question is how do the real mafia bad guys feel about such a modern thinking crime boss. This line of thinking only goes to show you that like Mia I watch way too much television and read to many books.

Omertá is rather dark and intense so if you chose to read it I would recommend starting it on a day where you don’t have to go to work the next day or you might be explaining to your boss why you are so tired. And if you drive a school bus like I do that is not a good conversation to have so I was thankful that when I finally came up for air it was before midnight and I was really aggravated about having to put the book down for the night and kicking myself for not waiting until Friday to start it. The amount of violence told in graphic detail does out way the detail put into the sex scenes to a degree because while you are cringing at the amount of bloody violence you won’t be begging for a cold shower or attention of your husband but then again I may have just not been in the mood. he fact that I could barely put this book down makes this book a five-star story add to that the almost complete lack of editing issues makes Omertá worth every star.

Book’s Blurb
What a difference a day can make.

Mia Caruso grew up under the roof of a tyrant. Her father was an enforcer for the DeLuca crime family who ruled his home with the same brutality that his job required, her mother was the silent trophy he’d always wanted and Mia was only ever in the way. She’d endured the abuse for years, her only solace was the hope that one day she would be free from his iron fists. Just shy of her eighteenth birthday and four months away from a fresh start at college, he showed up and turned her world upside down.

Carlo DeLuca was at the top of his game, master of his own universe, he ran the most successful organized crime syndicate on the west coast. He’d worked his ass off to build his empire after his father had nearly bled it dry, and he wouldn’t allow anything to threaten that. Carlo ruled with a cold indifference that terrified even the most brutal of men, and today was no exception, he had a rat to dispose of.

But when he looked into a of pair amber eyes and saw a fire that rivaled his own, he knew nothing would be the same again.

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