You Will Regret Rejecting Me by Laura Correa

November 12, 2021
Laura Correa
Teen & Young Adult Werewolf & Shifter

Let me start with the book itself, it needs better editing, is it Patty or Paty? There is no continuity in the spelling of the main characters name. There are a lot of characters and that is great but I think there were a lot of blanks as far as how they all fit in there. For example, how is it that Lucifer is Patricia’s father when her dad is dead? And is he also her brother’s dad? There is a lot of jumping ahead in time leaving out so much that would tie the whole story together.

You Will Regret Rejecting Me is not a happily ever after story and with that the end felt like a lame cliff hanger and it was anticlimactic, it was the worst.

Finally, there is the price. I usually never touch on the price because authors need to make a living but this time, I need to same something because $9.99 is way too much for a 59-page book that needs a lot of work before it can even remotely be considered a decent story. Where it stands now it’s not even worth 99 cents.

Book Cover
The cover is probably the best part of You Will Regret Rejecting Me

The blurb needs some editing.

Book’s Blurb
Meet Patricia also known as Paty, a 15 year old werewolf girl who is mistreated and treated as a slave by her pack including her brother, she is blamed for her parents death when she was little and she couldn’t do anything to help them. Her only friend is the alpha’s sister Allison, the day of Allison’s birthday which happens to also be Patricia’s birthday she finds put that the alpha/Allison’s brother is her mate and after a night of love making he rejects her so she runs away with a broken heart to a cliff where she wants to end all the pain once and for all but the moongoddess has other plans for her. Follow her through her ups and downs in her present and future life, what will happen when all the werewolves are summoned to go back to their old packs if they are living as lone wolves and she is forced to return to The Midnight Moon Pack where everybody believes her to be dead.

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