Muted (The Moon’s Last Daughter #1) by Lenai McGoveran


November 6, 2017
Lenai McGoveran
Author’s Page

I think I should apologize now for the spoilers (that I try to not put in my reviews)

I am probably going to rain down on this review. I found this story on Wattpad decided it might be worth sometime to explore. It was and it wasn’t, the story line is engrossing and the mind of the author that wrote Muted is seriously very dark and it makes me wonder what her life was like growing up.

As I said before I try very hard to be as careful as I can about spoilers and giving away too much of the story but I am not sure that I can obey my own rule here but I will try by starting off on the easy part, editing. According to a statement by the author on Wattpad, did a thorough editing of Muted, I think that she should have asked a friend or someone to also edit the story as well she missed a few spots. There weren’t to many edits that they utterly destroyed the flow of the story but enough to cause a few hiccups.

Rape is a serious heinous crime and I would like to think that raping a minor would be just as heinous in the paranormal world as it is in the real world, and that brings me to the question of why would an author write in a character that would willingly mate with her rapist/abuser, in the any world I find that beyond repulsive and very unrealistic. I get dark stories but come on really, I think that Luna’s wolf should have castrated Ash when he showed up and threaten Luna and the fox kit. As for Ruru/Aeros he should have taken her straight to his pack as soon as Luna woke up from her coma and never let them near her like he said he would. This is a seriously beyond twisted story that should have warnings put in the blurb. If you decide to give Muted a shot consider reading it some where alone so that young ones can’t read over your shoulder.

Book Cover
Is rather muted and bland so maybe it could be said that it fit the story line then again someone who will judge a book by its cover just look at it and say “boring”. The Moon looks beautiful though so there is something positive to be said.

My only complaint about the blurb is the lack of explicit content warnings about rape and abuse. I really believe these are necessary incase a pre-young adult decides to read it.

Book’s Blurb
Luna was the darling of her pack until tragedy struck. Now, after years of torment, she must learn to trust again. Aeros wants to help his chosen mate, but Ash wants to kill him and claim his fated mate. If Luna can’t trust her new friends, a vampire, neko, and faerie prince, the children of the night will enslave humankind.

One day, while the pack hunted, a tragic event set in motion by her brother struck their home. However, Luna took the blame. For years she put up with the abuse and hate of the pack without complaint. She’d rather suffer than hurt her brother with the painful truth, that everything was his fault.

Unfortunately, after the pack surges past the point of no return, the truth comes calling and refuses to leave without shedding its light.

Now one of her greatest tormentors, Ash, the old alpha’s son and her brother’s lifelong best friend, must earn back Luna’s trust because he is her mate. But first, he must get the wolf claiming to be her mate out of the way…

Menage, m/f/m, m/m

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