The Alien King and I by Lizzie Lynn Lee

July 19th 2011
Summerhouse Publishing

Lindsey is kidnapped by a hot guy and boinked and that’s all she wrote folks.

When I saw the title for The Alien King and I, I thought cool a new spin on the classic The King and I, staring the hunky Yul Brynner. Boy, was I disappointed, all I got was a very hot steamy sex scene and then a drawn out, boring and anticlimactic ending with absolutely nothing good in between. Lindsey may as well just be a hooker given the lack of substance to give the story anything of value.

Book Cover Rating
The only good thing about The Alien King and I is the cover. Wait I was wrong it could also be good for a fast read to add to your reading challenge if you signed up for one.

Book Blurb Rating
The blurb is definitely short but promises much that just wasn’t delivered.

Book’s Blurb
Lindsey is expecting a big surprise for her thirtieth birthday. Something along the lines of a male stripper, courtesy of her best friend. But she didn’t expect her hot stripper fun to include a kidnapping…or the fact that the stripper is an alien intent on stripping them both!