Be Our Valentine (Holiday Menage #1) by Lolita Lopez


July 12, 2012
Author’s Page

So, we have a poor little rich girl, with crazy ass parent who were decent to her but not to each other, who hooks up with two guys that are hot for each other and her. One guy had a pill-poppin’ mama and a abusive alcoholic dad and the other guy who knows. Therapy seems to be in order 😉

Very Steamy and romantic but when Lolita was fleshing out her character back grounds, she seemed to have left out one. I think Frank should be a little offend by that 😉 other than that a pretty decent short story.

Book’s Blurb
Best friends and longtime lovers, Frank and Tom have secretly lusted after Lexi. When it becomes clear Lexi is the woman they need to complete their trio, Frank takes charge and concocts a plan. Both men cross their fingers and hope she’ll agree to be their valentine.

Lexi can’t believe it when she finds the invite for a night of delicious decadence slipped inside her gym locker. She nearly faints when she realizes Frank and Tom, the two ridiculously sexy stars of her nightly fantasies, sent the card. Could it possibly be true? Could those two alpha males really want her?

She refuses to live the rest of her life wondering what-if and decides she’ll accept the illicit invite. But after a night of mind-blowing pleasure, Lexi realizes that reality isn’t as simple as fantasy.

Can this threesome really work outside the bedroom, or is Lexi simply setting herself up for heartbreak? It’s up to Tom and Frank to show her that love is worth the risk.

This book contains scorching hot and very explicit scenes of anal sex, double penetration, light bondage and spanking as well as male on male and ménage a trois trysts.

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