Shifted (Shifted #1) by Lynn Leite


April 1st 2013
Author’s Page

Rory’s sister the psychic said her life would be shifted but never elaborated so when she ends up being squished by a bird bath only to be rescued by Dr. Cheveyo she figures that her sister could have been a bit more forthcoming.

Maverick happiest day ever turns into a day from hell when his father tells him he can’t claim his mate because an Alpha wolf can’t mate with a human. Rory is his and he wants her but to protect her he leaves without claiming not knowing that she feel the mate fever almost as strongly as he does but she has no clue why until chance brings them together again.

This story centers around Maverick’s fathers opposition to his mating a human and the feelings of emptiness the couple endure because of his ruling. Added in a drama queen she wolf with delusions of mating the future alpha and her rogue brother and his trauma and you have the makings of a short but sweet love story.

When I think about Maverick and Rory and the way the author portrays them I think of hot passionate bedroom scenes but the authors only gives a hints of the action so I wish there was a bit more detail to add a steamy hot factor but it really the lack of steamy doesn’t detract from the storyline.

I really liked reading this book for the second time and will probably read it again since it has some fairly decent entertainment value. But as for rating it that is the tough part because being as it is one of my “I want to read again books” I want to give it a five star rating but the edits I found knock it down to a four star rating.

Book Cover
If the author ever does a regular book, I think she should use this cover but have them, do it in metallic’s of some kind.

Book’s Blurb
“Today your life will be shifted irrevocably.”

Near death, pinned by a crushing weight, Rory Brooks runs her sister Willow’s prediction through her oxygen deprived brain.

Willow was always right.

Dead is shifted alright.

Maverick Cheveyo isn’t in the habit of rescuing humans. This one is different. Without thinking of the repercussions, he saves the small woman and starts a chain of events that will risk his pack, his family, and most of all his heart.

Shifted is Book 1 in the Shifted series.

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