Lover of My Dreams (Mates of Destiny, Angel Chosen #1) by Lynnette Bernard

Heat Rating

I have read every one of Lynnette Bernard’s books and some of them more than once and I will read them again undoubtedly and after reading this book I can honestly say that she has a huge imagination. However, this book took me a month to read and I want to say that unfortunately it was too easy to put down and take break to go read another book. Which makes it hard to decide on a rating, even if I did keep coming back to this very sweet and out the Lynnette Bernard’s box story.

This book not like her normal style of writing which I think show cases her talent with only a couple minor things that bothered me about the book. Too start with, I want to say the word “Tender” in any form was way over used and that in some key spots I felt that the passion, that I know Lynnette can write, got lost and I just didn’t get that emotional wave of what the character was feeling when your picturing the characters or the scenes of a book. The best parts of this book where the passion was there were at the beginning (the attack) and then the scene with Alison in the camp ground, the later being so intense I could not help but cry.

This story had about the same amount of action going on in the bedroom but less graphic language (no F-bombs and such) compared to her other books.

I do like how thought out each of the characters were, even Jerod, Kay and the Fletcher’s had their quirks, which doesn’t always happen with minor characters. Edwin McCoy could be the poster parent for why some parent should be licensed to become parents. And being a Trekky I have to I love the name Sam McCoy and that the reference was used 😉

I will most likely read this book again because it is a worthy read even with its minor imperfections.

Book Cover Rating
I do like the cover but I am not entirely sure how it ties into the book in away that fits the story line.

Book Blurb Rating

Book’s Blurb
Childhood friends, Sam, Rachel, and Roy, were inseparable–three lost souls who protected each other. When Sam’s father threatened their futures, Rachel did what she had to do in order to protect them all. She left. Ten years later, Rachel Williams retreats to the quiet of the Colorado mountains. She needs isolation from the outside world to heal from a brutal date attack. Sam McCoy has had it with socially elite women–especially his ex-fiancée. He needs to go back to the mountains and create a home, complete with a baby or two. When Rachel is injured, Sam is there to take care of her. He loves the way she defies him, makes him laugh, and makes him need. A future with her would be filled with love and babies. Angelic dreams help Sam and Rachel know they’re fated to be together, despite the interference of others. It will be up to Roy and his wife Paulette to help nudge fate along.

Published May 19, 2014
Publisher Siren Publishing
Pages 420
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Laurie’s Loves (Beckett’s Wolf Pack, Triad Mates #1) by Lynnette Bernard


March 2012
Siren Publishing
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Laurie has spent her life loving and protecting her children from their self centered mentally deranged father, who has tormented her, her children and her only friend Nikki for the last fifteen year and made her life hell for the five years she was married to him. She needs a break so she books a week, she can barely afford, at a ranch where she meets Jace and Jackson. They are drool worthy but so out of her league besides the baggage she is carrying is enough to choke a horse and no man wants or needs that mess or her.

Jace and Jackson are triad partners and leaders of their pack. Jace things woman are only out for all they can get and has no desire to find their mate where as Jackson can’t wait to find their mate so she can help ground them and keep them from becoming more wolf than man.

Laurie’s Loves is a very compelling story that I have read so many times that if it was a paperback, I would be replacing it for the next read. With Laurie’s ex-husband, Patrick, stalking her and his constant put downs it’s a wonder she was even capable of taking this much needed vacation. Personally, I was hoping one of the wolves would castrate that rotten son of a monkey farting shit ticket but alas he just gets to spend his life in jail being someone’s ass bitch, hmmm maybe a taste of his own medicine would be good for him.

I really get into Laurie’s Loves when I bring it up to read, it’s almost like I am in the book actually watching the action as it progresses which is so amazing how everything around me just disappears and the book comes to life. The feelings of the characters just fly up and hit you in the face and the next thing you know you are yelling “hell yeah, Laurie, crush that ass hats balls”. And the bedroom and office scenes leaving you looking for your husband or toy with the steaming erotic graphics.

On a more intense and realistic line of thought, there women out there who live lives similar to what Laurie has gone through and some of them don’t survive it and I love that Lynnette brought that out in the book because it should be brought out. Maybe it will give a woman the courage to leave or get help.

Favorite Quote

“Because if you go anywhere near the people I love, I’ll cut off your balls and feed them to you.”--Laurie to her stupid ass hat ex.

Book’s Blurb
Alpha Jace Beckett is not willing to commit himself to a mate–even if his hold on humanity is quickly slipping away without the grounding presence of the final member of his triad.

Jackson Scott is beta and triad partner to Jace. Jackson knows they both need that one woman to complete their triad, love them, and give them a future filled with tenderness, caring, and cubs.

Laurie Young is their fated triad mate–a human who knows nothing of their world. They need her to accept their wolves and their mating. Her children would be theirs, and they would do everything to protect her from her abusive ex. They just have to convince her to stay with them and accept that they were fated to share a life together. She has to know that they loved and wanted her even before they realized she was carrying their baby.

Meeka’s Reluctant Mates (Beckett’s Wolf Pack, Triad Mates #5) by Lynnette Bernard


August 19, 2014
Siren Publishing, Inc.
Author’s Page

As always, a great book from this author. I love how she keeps the story flowing from one book to the next in the series and how she manages to keep it so consistent. This particular version of my book could use a few edits thought as there was one spot where she said Boyd but it should have been Ethan as Boyd is dead, but you can’t catch everything.

Meeka had been through so much it was good to see her have so much good come her way finally. I am also glad to see that after screwing up so royally her men had to suffer a little before getting her back. I realize that their life wasn’t easy but that was no excuse for break that woman’s heart so many times.

Book’s Blurb
Mikayla “Meeka” Martin’s introduction to the shifter world was an attempted murder by her ex. She survived to birth her son and meet her best friend Suzie. When she and Suzie were rescued from the cruelty of Alpha Randall, Meeka is understandably hesitant to get close to any man. Reece and Wade are kind, gentle protectors who call to her in ways that Meeka has never thought possible. She aches to soothe their tortured souls. Reece Hutchinson and Wade Garner are triad partners who have a secret. The silver poisoning they sustained at the hands of Alpha Randall has ruined their lives. They want to claim Meeka as their mate and Eric as their son. But it doesn’t matter what they want. Meeka has had enough. She refuses to have her heart broken again. She is not going to allow Reece or Wade to hurt her, her son, or the baby they may have created. Sometimes men can be such idiots. Note: It is suggested that the previous titles in this series be read first for continuity