Of Shadows and Ash (Maggie’s Grove #3) By Dana Marie Bell


October 13, 2014
Carina Press
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Of Shadows and Ash was given to me for an honest review by Manic Readers

Maggie’s Grove’s resident witch doctor, Selena, brought a little friend with her when she was rescued from the Van Helsings and it is scaring the hell out of her. Then you add in her very possessive and over protective mate, Ashton the Dryad, it’s no wonder the woman’s recovery has taken months instead of days.

As the threat from the shadow continues to escalate and the romance between mates turns steamy the only questions that remain is what bloody demon is controlling the shadow and can they stop it before it consumes Selena and then Maggie’s Grove.

Of Shadows and Ash starts out pretty slow but once it got moving I was riveted to every page. I am undecided about my feelings on Ash and Selena and found myself more interested in the scenes with Parker and Amara as well as those that Greer and Mollie were either in or were being discussed. With the scenes with Parker and Amara in them being my favorites, that being easy to guess with my chosen favorite quotes coming from them. Maybe perhaps my next reading will enlighten me with thoughts of the main characters for I most definitely plan to read Of Shadows and Ash again sometime in the future although the when of that event is probably several years out.

Of Shadows and Ash had so few edits that they aren’t even worth editing but I really like the new word I have recently added to my vocabulary and even though I think I have an idea of the definition, I am curious as to Dana’s definition of ‘adorkable’, I have to say I absolutely love that word.

Favorite Quotes
So I found three that really caught my attention and since I can’t decide on two I am using all three.

“Does my snuggle-bunny need some wuvving?”–Amara to Parker the pouting vampire

“I watch late night telly. I know how this ends. We investigate like the Scooby Gang and he perky sidekick—that would be me—gets filleted and strung from a branch. I don’t think I’d look very good with my insides on my outside, thank you.”–Parker the scaredy-cat vampire whose mate had to sit on him to keep him from running out of Selena’s house

“Yup. Old ones, splattered, like it was dropped from a height. I’m thinking it was a fly-by poop, not a peeping Tom poop.”–Amara

Book Cover Rating
For some reason I don’t think the gentleman on the cover truly represents Ash, I pictured Ash with green scruffies to match his green hair.

Book’s Blurb
Book three of Maggie’s Grove

Overprotective dryad Ashton Ward is pissed off. His mate Selena has been tortured by humans who hunt supernaturals, and she’s flat-out refusing to let him near her as she heals. Her magic is so compromised that just being near her puts him in danger, but he’s sure he can help ease her pain if she’ll just let him.

To keep Ash safe, witch doctor Selena Giannone wants to handle the fallout from her nightmare alone. But she might be dealing with more than the agonizing loss of her powers—something’s haunting her house so badly the land itself is afraid. A demon so powerful nothing in Maggie’s grove can tame it alone.

Terrified, exhausted and out of options, Selena turns to Ash for help. The enemy needs two things to feed: Selena’s powers, yes, but also it needs her fear. And if there’s a magic that can save her, it lies with Ash—with his touch, and with their bond.

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