Nessa’s Two Shifters (Wolf’s Pass Shifters #1) by Marla Monroe


August 2, 2013
Siren Publishing
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My first review of this book was pretty vague and not very helpful, I am so glad I decided to read Nessa’s Two Shifters again, I am almost sorry I did because I don’t like writing bad reviews, they suck.

Nessa’s Two Shifters has a great potential in the storyline but the flaws in the story really bring it down. Nessa step-brother is a sick fucking dick that needs to be castrated for treating her the way he did. The problem though is, being abused and raped should have made Nessa a lot less trusting of Joe and Jess especially in the bedroom, so that part is not very well written. There was also the issue of no editing or attention to detail that totally fried the flow of the storyline. There were a few spots where the characters name seems to change and that throws a huge speed bump into the flow of the story, when you have to back up and double check the last two pages you just read to figure out if you missed something.

I really think that if Marla Monroe ever goes back and fixes all the edits that ruined the flow, Nessa’s Two Shifters will be a great story. I do feel like I should also say the Siren Publishing should hire better editors to help the authors in find those edits after all they do have a vested interest in making author successful. But until then I have to stick with the 2-star rating I originally gave the story.

Heat Rating
There were some potentially steamy bedroom scene that would have probably rocked the book but with all the edits they just left me wishing for another book.

Original Review
Originally posted March 25, 2014
I had a hard time continuing this book and almost stopped reading it three times and skipped a head once. I really like shifter books but this was not what I was expecting in a good shifter book, it felt mundane and anticlimactic.

Book Cover Rating
Interesting cover, I am surprised at the lack of steam given how entwined the models are. I see where my kids and husband think some of my reading materials border on pornographic after seeing this cover.

Book’s Blurb
Convincing his twin to help him claim Nessa Clemmons as their mate is one battle Jessup Shoewater plans to win quickly. Joseph thinks he is too broken to take care of a mate, with or without his twin’s help. Held captive and tortured, Joe thought he’d lost the human side of himself.

Nessa wants to believe Jess and Joe truly care for her, but pledging herself to two men, let alone wolf shifters, seems a little like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. Having survived years of abuse from her step-brother, Nessa hesitates to trade one familiar situation for another one she knows nothing about.

Can she overcome her fears of inadequacy and the unknown to help Joe learn to trust himself and his ability to control his wolf, or will she turn away from the two men who open up a world of love and acceptance she’s never felt before?

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