The Alpha King and His Human Mate by Melisa Bigler


May 6, 2019
Melisa Bigler
Paranormal Romance

I found The Alpha King and His Human Mate on Wattpad and decided to see if it was published on Amazon and was excited to see that it was. I really like the characters, especially Jillian, that girl shows no fear, even when she is probably quaking in her shoes. I think Edric reactions to what they learn about Jillian are pretty mellow considering all the mystery surrounding her.

The Alpha King and His Human Mate had me drawn into it with in just a few pages then I started running into edits. These particular edits are more like speed bumps that slow down the progress of the story line. When I originally read this story some of the chapters seem to be duplicated and out of order but I received a message saying that the story is complete and no missing chapter or areas that are out of order. So, I decided to download the story again and read it from my phone instead of my tablet and I am so happy that I did because apparently my tablet has an issue. I figured this out when I noticed another story, I was reading was having the same issue. You have no idea how happy I am I discovered this because I really liked The Alpha King and His Human Mate. Granted the edits that the book does have are significant enough to reduce the rating but either way it is better than the rating I originally gave The Alpha King and His Human Mate.

Book Cover
I like the picture on the cover.

The blurb needs some minor editing but it works.

Book’s Blurb
Jillian is a human, going to an all Werewolf school, how did her parents not know that they were sending her to such a place? What makes it worse is that the Alpha King comes to the school once a week to see if he can find his mate or girls for his harems. What happens when he claims Jillian as his mate? Will she accept it, or will she run for the hills? Then someone decides that they want Jillian and the Alpha dead. What will happen when the Alpha finds out who Jillian really is, she isn’t as innocent as she seems. Join Jillian, Edric, and her friend Kimberly on a harrowing adventure of love, laughter, and a whole lot of sass.

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