Queen of Wolves by Melissa Morgan


February 2, 2013
Melissa Morgan

I am giving this book only three stars but given the fact that I got this book from Amazon if it ever gets re-edited, I may change that, since I will most likely read this one again.

Zara is running for her life to claim sanctuary with the Blue Moon Pack and she seems in a hurry to get help to save her sisters you get her sense of urgency in this but with her mating with Cole the sense of passion is missing.

I did enjoy this story but I think it needs some more editing, primarily in the spelling department.

Book’s Blurb
The black panther blended in with the inky black of night as she moved with fluid grace through the thick forest of cedar trees, the pads of her feet completely silent as they sank into the rich carpet of decomposed leaves and dirt. She moved swiftly, creeping around stumps and logs of fallen trees from the most recent storm.

Weaving through the trees, she sniffed the air constantly on the look out for the scent of pack on the cool night air. She didn’t have much time before the guards picked up the scent of cat on their lands. All she could smell was damp earth and small woodland creatures, and she picked up speed. Trees and ferns blurred as she sped through the forest toward the heart of the territory.

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