Her Billionaire Alpha (The Pack Rules (Moon Pack) #1) by Michele Bardsley

May 30, 2014
Freeman Publication

Finally done, short read but it sure sucks when I have to force myself to finish reading a book, so I can honestly say I am happy it’s done and that I doubt I will read this one again. I think this book needs to be re-written or at least edited again.

Was the Alpha’s name Kade or Nic? I have to ask because the story seemed to switch his name back and forth. The confusion was just another road block to connecting to with the characters. I mean there was lots of foreplay but there was no steamy passion dripping off this story it’s a lot of blah blah blah with these depthless characters.

Want to say that my reaction could be because I ain’t a big fan of the cougar club books, which brings me to question my own hypocrisy because my husband is fourteen days younger than me. But I don’t think that is the answer and that the plain simple truth is I could not get into this blah blah book because it was boring and didn’t even have a good story line to keep me hooked in.

Book’s Blurb
Kade Stonewell, new alpha of the Moon Pack, is facing an ultimatum: Choose his mate now–or let pack vote choose for him. Since there’s only one eligible female within the pack, an insipid spoiled princess more concerned about spa treatments than pack rules, Kade takes bold action. He makes a mating offer to Lilly Addison, the human widow of the pack’s most respected beta, a plus-sized beauty who’s been his secret crush since college.

He’ll prove to Lilly that he’s a true alpha–one who will passionately conquer every sexy curve of her body. Then he will accomplish the most difficult task of all: Capturing her heart.