More Than a Convenient Bride (Texas Cattleman’s Club: After the Storm #6) by Michelle Celmer


March 1, 2015

More Than a Convenient Bride was given to me for an honest review through Net Galley

Julie is about to deported because the government won’t renew her work visa thanks to some arrest when she was younger. She doesn’t want to leave Royal, Texas and she doesn’t want to leave her best friend and boss. There is a solution but the only person she trusts enough to ask is her best friend Lucas.

Lucas is devastated by the news that his best friend will have to leave the country and he is helpless to stop it. When his friend suggest that he marry Julie to keep her in the country he balks but the next day he goes to her office to talk about it anyway.

This book is one of those ones that nearly landed in the ‘forget it I give up pile’ even after I skipped a head a little, it was close, very close. The first 22 pages were so freaking boring that I can’t even remember them except for the note I wrote about being bored. The characters were mundane and even the potential love triangle thought was a dud. The sex was there but not as earth shattering for me as it seemed to be for Lucas and Julie. Then there was the ending that was as cheesy a cliché as you can get OMG, really? The only really cool thing about the whole book was the blind kitten they named Houdini.

Book Blurb Rating
Definitely sold me on More Than a Convenient Bride, too bad the book didn’t live up to the blurb because I was expecting more drama.

Book’s Blurb
After all they’ve been through following the tornado that hit their Texas town, there’s no way Dr. Lucas Wakefield will let his best friend, Julie Kingston, leave because of a green card mix-up. The only solution is to propose marriage. But what starts as a platonic arrangement quickly blooms into red-hot desire—until Luc’s ex-fiancée returns to reclaim her man and Julie questions whether happily-ever-after is in the cards. Good thing Luc has no intention of giving up his passionate new bride without a fight!

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