Alexandra’s Legacy (Legacy #1) by N. J. Walters


October 13, 2009
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Paranormal Romance
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I purchased Alexandra’s Legacy back in 2011 and it was one of the first N. J. Walters books I read. The version of the book was published by Samhaim Publishing which is now defunct but thankfully like many other authors N. J. Walters has found away to keep her books from disappearing into oblivion.

Alexandra’s Legacy starts out rather slow in the beginning but progresses into a fast-paced run for life adventure that includes a car chase and gun fights with a some pretty steamy foreplay thrown in to get your heart racing and desire to rip your significant other’s cloths off. If you think the foreplay is hot the actual sex scene will rock your socks off.

Alexandra may be fast becoming Joshua’s

N. J. Walters writing is impeccable in Alexandra’s Legacy, the writing was so smooth with out a single edit that I would usually notice. In addition, the story flowed from one scene to the next with in the allotted time frame without inconsistent time distortions making it a well thought out story. You can actually see how much care N.J. Walters put into producing a well written story.

I picked Alexandra’s Legacy to read (again) because I am still going to those comfort books quit often. It’s better than emotional eating comfort foods and gaining loads of weight. Anyway, how could I lose, I got to revisit a great story and reconnect with entertaining characters. For that reason, a lone I could and will give Alexandra’s Legacy 5 stars.

There were a lot of great quotes and choosing was which ones to use was really hard.

“We’ve had this discussion before. You’re not omnipotent.”—Alexandra

“I said she was worth fighting for, not that I wanted to be turned into a eunuch when I beat your sorry ass.”—Donovan

Book Cover Rating
My favorite part of the cover is the Moon with the wolfs head inside it. I still like this cover very much and it still stands out when I am browsing through my digital library.

Book’s Blurb
The truth will set her free…or get her killed.

Legacy, Book 1

Alexandra Riley’s day starts out like any other in her normal, predictable world. Then a tall, dark stranger bursts into her father’s garage and shatters the illusion. In one shocking moment, she discovers why she’s been feeling hot, restless—she’s the half-breed daughter of a legendary werewolf and is a much-sought-after prize.

Joshua Striker, enforcer in charge of protecting the alphas of the Wolf Creek pack, has come to take Alex home. Nothing more, nothing less. From the first moment he sees her, she becomes the one thing he can’t afford—a distraction from his duty. A weakness he doesn’t want—but can’t resist needing.

If only keeping her safe was as simple as fending off males on the hunt for a mate. Through city streets to the mountains of North Carolina, Alex and Joshua have to evade those who don’t want their pure bloodlines tainted with human DNA, as well as bounty hunters who think the only good werewolf is a dead one.

What Joshua and Alex can’t outrun is the passion that flares between them—or the choice Alex must eventually face. Whether to claim her inner wolf, or forfeit her chance to claim Joshua as her own.

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Dreams of the Oasis IV by Charlotte Boyett-Compo, Lena Matthews, N. J. Walters, Kris Starr, Ravyn Wilde and Anya Bast

June 1st 2006
Ellora’s Cave

Shadow Stir by N. J. Walter


I bought this book to read Shadow Stir

When I first started this book I was afraid I would disappointed after the first ten pages but as it turned out it was a very good for a short story.

I like female character like Jo that a tough and confident enough to stand on their own but willing to accept help and love from the male character who is willing to acknowledge his woman’s strength.

I will probably check out the other stories in this book at another time.

Book’s Blurb
Getting Slayed
Anya Bast
Princess Jeweline of the Kingdom of Hask fears she will never shed her pesky chastity belt and finally get laid, especially since a dragon keeps charbroiling all her fiancés. Jeweline decides to slay the dragon herself, but the dragon is not everything she’d presumed. He’s dangerous and fire-breathing all right, but he’s not always a dragon. Marcus is a cursed man with dark, erotic needs that Jeweline finds herself all too willing to satisfy.
That is, until Darrion the Brave, dragon slayer extraordinaire, explodes onto the scene with a goal of killing Marcus and taking Jeweline for his own.

Sting of the Wind
Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Shannon O’Rourke was thrilled to get the job at Durbin Enterprises. She believed in what the billionaire owner was trying to accomplish with medical research on blood diseases and a blood bank to provide blood and plasma for local and national emergencies.
Despite his philanthropic endeavors, Shae Durbin holds a dark secret, one Shannon soon discovers—the blood bank meets the needs of creatures that can never see the light of day. To protect his people, Shannon must be brought into that world within the erotic arms of a master vampire.

Temperature Rising
Lena Matthews
Danner Austin knows that falling for his best friend’s sister could ruin their friendship but he just can’t stop thinking about her. When Breanna Cole’s brother asks her to house sit, she accepts so she can be closer to Danner. Unfortunately she didn’t count the heat wave and blackouts into her grand plan of seduction.
The heat’s rising and Danner’s self-controll is slipping. If he can keep his cool during the heatwave, everything will be fine. Now all he has to do is figure out how to keep his hands off Breanna once the lights go out.

Kris Starr
Three years after the wrongful death of her husband during a mission to an alien planet’s surface, Commander Dillon Walker is still wrought with guilt. Seeking an escape and a lover’s touch, yet not willing to open her heart to a traditional new relationship, Dillon turns to the virtual world of the HoloSuite. Aidan satisfies her beyond her wildest dreams, reawakens her sexual self…but to Dillon’s chagrin, he’s not real. Or is he?

Shadows Stir
N.J. Walters
Warriors of the Shadow Realm are facing their own demise, so the Shadow Lord sends one of his Ryders into the world to protect a woman who might hold the key to their very survival. Gideon finds more than someone to protect. He finds a woman to love.
Jo Harris is a woman on a mission to find her missing sister and she’ll do whatever it takes. She encounters a mysterious stranger who becomes both protector and lover. But will their love be enough to save them both from the encroaching shadows?

Ravyn Wilde
What happens when you combine passionflower wine, a gorgeous foreign man whose understanding of the English language seems to short-circuit occasionally—with a nightclub specializing in private booths?
You wake up the next morning with a screaming headache. A suspicion the mattress beneath you just might be flesh and blood instead of memory foam. And a view out the window that seems to be the planet Earth, as seen from space.
All Nancy wanted to do was put some social interaction back into her very secluded life… She ended up with something out of this world.