Maid for Two Dragons: An Absolutely Hot and Sensual Paranormal Romance (Occupational Hazards Book 1) by Diana Fox


August 7th 2015
Hot, Sassy, and Desired Press
Paranormal Romance

Two hot dragons one replacement maid and thrown in for action you get a very not nice woman scorned.

I think this time I want to start with what I don’t like and that would be all the crap that follows the actual title. The title (this part– Maid for Two Dragons (Occupational Hazards Book 1)) does fit the book nicely but all the genre stuff (this part –An Absolutely Hot and Sensual Paranormal Romance) that follows it just doesn’t belong in the title. In the blurb, yes but not the title, it makes it long and ridiculous. If I was rating the titles I would give it a one-star. Hmmm, something for future pondering.

I really liked the love and devotion that Diana and her mother shared, it shows that Diana Fox truly understands what makes a family strong. Troy and Jared seem like honest men who have strong beliefs about what family is which fits well with Diana’s values. I do wish that the pesky fiancée could have been more of a threat to make the story interesting, especially since she clearly seemed to know about Diana. I also liked the steam coming of the pages during the three sex scenes and I bet you’ll never guess which one is my favorite. Oh, shoot, forgive me but there were actually for sex scenes but one of them didn’t count because it seemed as off to me as it did the character it was happening to.

The big question I am asking myself now is if Maid for Two Dragons is worth reading again or if the insanity of all the extra mumbo jumbo in the title has turned me off so much that I just want to delete the book or not. I do like the story line very much; the characters are likeable and there were practically no editing errors which make me want to give this book a four-star review. But the title is really just picking at my brain with all that unnecessary genre stuff added to it, making it clunky and unappealing.

Book Cover Rating
The cover works for the most part but where is the curvy woman who is supposed to be Diana. When you describe a woman as curvy then fond a curvy model for the bloody cover please.

Book Blurb Rating
This blurb is more of teaser than a blurb.

Book’s Blurb
When her beloved mother falls ill, curvy Diana Vasquez is forced to drop out of college to help pay the bills. She inherits her mother’s new job – as a live-in maid to two phenomenally rich brothers who live and work together.

“They are such handsome and nice young men, Diana,” her mother tells her. “But they are very private. Remember, many places in their home are out of bounds for you. Do as you are told, and don’t go where you’re forbidden to enter.”

Naturally, Diana is curious. Then she meets her new employers, the mysterious Troy and Jared Devereaux, and she is knocked off her feet. They are every bit as charming and gorgeous as her mother described. What possible secrets do they have to hide?

Troy and Jared share EVERYTHING. When they meet Diana, they are immediately drawn to her so badly that it aches their c**** and their bones. But should they be taking humans into their lofty, passionate, and cruel world, especially when they are already betrothed – by tradition – to a powerful and very jealous female of their kind?

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