Would You Rather?: EWW Edition for Kids by Oscar Bales


June 18, 2021
Oscar Bales

I was given Would You Rather?: EWW Edition for Kids for an honest review by Oscar Bales

Would You Rather?: EWW Edition for Kids was a new one on me, but with grandkids it is kind of nice to have things that will keep them busy when they visit so it was a no brainer to agree to check this book out. I have the e-book version which was not too easy to read because you come to the first question and then a few blank pages after; then the next question and so on. The few blank pages between are a bit annoying but it could be because the book is set up more for standard book format then e-book format. Besides, kids probably won’t even notice the blank pages if they do have the e-book versions. A few extra pages between each question won’t mean a thing to me either if it makes my grandkids laugh and promote their having fun at grandpa and grandma’s house. With that in mind I will more then likely invest in the paperback version of Would You Rather?: EWW Edition for Kids for my grandkids.

I could not copy and paste quotes like I would normally do so snip and attach will have to do. I wanted to share a couple of questions as well as the rules for Would You Rather?: EWW Edition for Kids to give you an idea of what the kids can expect to see and you will potentially hear from the back seat.


The blurb is a bit long winded but I guess for parents and grandparents looking for something their kids/grandkids will read it could be reasonable to a degree. However, this grandmother feels that some of the info in the blurb though informative is useless because it does not pertain to the book itself.

Book’s Blurb
Did you know that the 68% of young kids now spend on average a whopping 7,5 hours in front of a screen for entertainment each day?

Over a year they spend up to 114 full days watching a screen for fun. The time kids spend watching TV, playing video games, surfing the web is time they could develop their social skills, critical thinking, and creative skill.
Life is too short for wasting the best moment and memories with the family and those you love, so we have just what YOU need! Look no further than Would You Rather? – EWW Edition for one of the best additions to a family game night, tech-free vacation, long road trips, camping trips, sleepovers party, dinner conversations, sitting around as family, fun rainy day activity, or as kids are home from school, and MORE!
This “Would you rather EWW Edition” will fire the imagination of your Kids kept them entertained for a long period and make them no longer think that reading is boring and for once they will not be interested in playing video games.
We know it’s difficult to find activities and came up with new scenarios for your kids, but this book will make your life much quicker and easier for YOU and will give you great ideas, saves you thinking of ideas yourself, and gives kids the same food for thought.

There are so many great questions that lead to great conversations, and while helping you to understand your kids better, How they think, their personalities, what they value, and how they problem solve!
Great for teachers to use a filler when a lesson runs short or when You need something to distract students from teenage drama these questions can be used to increase student engagement, practice reading, and writing comprehension, promote critical thinking skills and create a fun classroom environment.
“Try Not To Laugh Challenge Eww Edition” includes:
• quality and unforgettable moments with those you love
• Eliminates shyness, stimulates children’s minds, develops creativity, insight, help kids and children to practice their reading and joke telling skills
• Happy parents, due to the clean & family-friendly humor
• guarantees HOURS of fun for the whole family
• provide excellent opportunities to have some interesting discussion, share opinions, conversation, chatting and will draw in sibling anyone who may be around
• great Stocking Stuffer idea, sleepover party, gift ideas, a ton of fun in the car, in the garden, during a casual BBQ dinner, very good for family interaction!
• an exciting game for competitive kids, try to outsmart family and friends with the most creative answers.
• goofy, smelly interesting, and engaging questions that really make you THINK!
good for dyslexic kids, there is a good layout and simple writing for helping your kid who is struggling to read
great for kids who tries to avoid reading or hates to read, this book will inspire them and can not put the book down

There are NO Lame, repetitive, bland, or stupid Questions!
This book contains the most wanted and proven questions to make kids and the whole family laugh!
Captures kids’ attention in an instant, keeps them occupied and giggling, and involves the whole family by encouraging good debate. From the very first minutes, your kids will burst out laughing they will have a lot of fun and you will no longer have to stress yourself out looking for something to do for them for a long period!
Are you curious to know the kids’ answers and why they choose them?
Would you like to revive a family game night?
would you like to increase the bond with your kids/grandkids?
would you like to discover your kids’ personalities?
Are you curious to see what crazy answers your friends and family will choose?

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