Bearly Cooking (Pacific Northwest Bears #1) by Moxie North


March 31, 2015
Moxie North
Paranormal Romance
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I met Moxie North at the 2017 Passion In Portland book signing event, I would have gotten one of her books there but had depleted my book budget much faster then I had anticipated. I did make sure I had some swag from her table as a reminder to get one of her books from Amazon and boy oh boy am I ever glad I did because Bearly Cooking was really amazing.

Bearly Cooking was very well thought and so well written that the only edit that I ran into was in chapter 4 and it was just a couple of words in the first sentenced mushed together. The mushed together words didn’t distort the rhythm of the story like other types of edits do.

Sophie was likable from the moment you met her and the bears are a hoot. Cage was just to cute for words in his wooing of his Sophie. Moxie North wrote a great story that sucked me in, to the point that any interruption while I was reading it was annoying. I already got books 2 and 3 and am ready to dive into them as soon as I get the chance.

Book Cover Rating
Definitely interesting but what I really like is the Pacific Northwest Bears emblem in the corner.

Book Blurb Rating
I love the creative way the blurb was written.

Book’s Blurb
What happens when the missing ingredient for your love life is not quite what you imagined?

Take one curvy cook …
Sophie Carlton has a taste for adventure and longs to escape the confines of her stodgy British family. When she gets the opportunity to work as a cook in a remote logging camp in the United States, she has no idea just how much excitement is in store.

Add one formidable bear …
Grizzly shifter Cage Rochon lives and works with his brothers in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. They love the land and rely on its privacy to keep their secret. As his clan’s Alpha, Cage takes his responsibilities seriously, but he’s ready to meet his mate.

He just doesn’t expect her to be a human who has no idea shifters exist.

Mix well with family, danger, and plenty of spice …
Now Sophie has more on her plate than she ever expected–not just a new country and way of life, but a large, sexy, very protective man who adores her so much it’s baffling. Add in their steamy encounters, a mysterious saboteur at the logging camp, and the shock of seeing her beau become a bear, and it’s a recipe for romantic hijinks!

Can Cage protect his mate and convince her that he’s serious about her? Or will Sophie decide that becoming part of a family of bears is one adventure too many?

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