Mastering Elodie (Grizzly Pines #1) by Paige Warren


July 3, 2014
Siren Publishing
Word Count

I was given Mastering Elodie for and honest review by Manic Readers

Elodie’s life can’t possibly get any lower, can it? She is five days from being homeless, her cable is shut off and the light in her room is burned out how much more must she endure. Oh yeah, everyone in town treats her like she’s nothing because of her parentage. When the Davidson brothers stand up to two of her tormentors she isn’t sure what to do, no one ever does that for her.

Beau and Beck just bought a new ranch and are waiting for their brother Cody to join them. When the two brothers walk into the diner and spot Elodie they do everything in their power to get her attention but she can’t help but wonder what their game is. When they here two of the locals tormenting her they rush to her rescue. They want her and are willing to share rather than fight for her so they hatch a plan. But before they can implement the plan Elodie is attacked and they aren’t going to wait for the slow wooing they planned. Can they convince her that forever is what that they want?

I heard a lot about how the town treats Elodie but I hardly read any of that in the book and it makes the book feel like something is missing. I think Elodie’s character is well written and I like how honest she is about her thoughts and feelings. Beau, Beck and Cody were very interesting characters and I like how they don’t waste time going after what they want. I have to say that the best scene though not a happy scene was the last scene with Casey, I could almost see the whole scene in my head and the feelings that were rolling through Elodie felt realistic and well thought out.

The actual writing of Mastering Elodie seems to be meticulous I only found a few spots where there were missing words but other than that it seems that Paige Warren took the time to edit her book which shows she cares about her work and her readers.

I am eager to see what happens in book two when I get the time.

Books Blurb
[Menage Amour: Erotic Rubenesque Consensual BDSM Cowboy Menage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, spanking, food play, sex toys, HEA] Elodie Mitchell has struggled her whole life, not only with her weight but also with feelings of being a misfit in the only home she’s ever known. She may not have ever been with a man, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t dreamed about it. When Beau and Beck Davidson enter her life, she thinks they’re too good to be true. Then she finds out there aren’t two brothers–there are three! What’s a woman to do with all of that hard, muscular, sun-kissed flesh just beckoning to be stroked? Try everything she’s ever read about! But things are not all sunshine and roses in Elodie’s life. As she learns to explore her sexuality with the brothers, there’s a darkness hanging over her. She’s survived so much already, but there is more yet to come. Will the brothers be able to save her in time, or will they lose the only woman they’ve ever loved? ** A Siren Erotic Romance

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