Overheard by Peri Elizabeth Scott


December 16, 2014
Siren Publishing
Contemporary Romance
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When I picked out Overheard, I had no clue that Peri Elizabeth Scott was a pen named used by Allyson Young, one of my favorite authors. But I am feeling like I should have known but during my reading of the story something in the tenor of the story seemed familiar. I discovered why this story felt familiar when I was looking up the website for Peri Elizabeth Scott. Now here I am giving you my thoughts on Overheard.

Overheard opens with Bronwyn running away from Aedan because of something she overheard him saying. Bronwyn ran out of his home and all the way to Atlanta, giving up everything in her world. I was rather disappointed in this character because she lacked any fight, substance or staying power. Please, keep in mind that what she lacks does not make her a bad person just a week person and that is just sad in a story. In fact, I almost put this book down several times because of Bronwyn.

Aiden on the other hand seemed to get all of the authors attention because he was described as dark haired and muscular with a soothing Scottish brogue but there was no real description of Bronwyn. I found myself wondering what Aidan would do when he found his wayward girl again which kept me reading Overheard to its conclusion.

Over all the story line for Overheard was just ok and only had a couple of edits but nothing so grievous to mention or detract from the story itself. There was no steam factor worth mentioning which is rather surprising considering I got this book from Bookstrand and who the author is. I think a 3-star rating fits this story just right.

Book Cover Rating
The cover is ok, I can’t say that it fits the story line because there wasn’t much of a description of characters.

Book’s Blurb
Bronwyn Campbell is a contract lawyer who mixes business with pleasure when she is assigned to sculptor Aedan MacGregor. Alone in the world, Bronwyn finds herself head over heels in love with the taciturn Scot, and believes he feels the same about her, despite his single-minded focus on his art. Until she overhears a conversation between Aedan and his agents.

Her perception of their relationship is challenged, hearing that while Aedan wants her in his life, it is as his lawyer—with benefits—and nothing long lasting. He doesn’t require her in any other way. Falling back into old, learned behavioral responses, Bronwyn withdraws, and takes advantage of a job transfer opportunity while Aedan is overseas. Feeling she doesn’t owe him an explanation, and in an effort to salvage some scrap of pride and assuage her broken heart, Bronwyn arranges to move to Atlanta.

But when it comes to eavesdropping, sometimes one doesn’t hear everything…

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