Finding Forgiveness (Poconos Pack #1) by Dana Marie Bell


July 5, 2011
Samhain Publishing
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Gay Pride week at Disney World in Florida, Migraines and a guilt-ridden mate on his tail, it proves to be an interesting vacation for Dave Maldonado. Dana Marie Bell did a great job as she covered a lot of ground addressing the long-term effects of alcoholism on the family and migraines, both of which are traumatic and painful. I would have thrown in the sexual orientation but what happens in a bedroom between to consenting adults is no bodies business besides the heart wants what the heart wants that should be respected.

I really liked Dave and Ben they are hilarious together and I get why Ben was resisting the mating call but he should have asked rather then made assumptions. On the other hand, Dave was the Beta and had the power to initiate a confrontation and did nothing, so they are both to blame for the state of their relationship. You will have to read the book to see how they resolved their issues; it was so much fun getting to end and now I will have to read book 2 in the series to learn how they are doing.

There were a few edits along the way but they were more of a clarification issue of who is doing what then anything and not enough to take anything from the over all rating of the story. I know this is an older edition of Finding Forgiveness so I may purchase the current edition in the future just to see if the edits are fixed and because Dana Marie Bell is one of my favorite authors.

Heat Rating
There was a pretty interesting mate dream but for the most part not a lot of hanky spanky going on, so don’t expect to see steam rising from your e-reader. Don’t worry the story line will more then make up for the lack of a lot of graphic sex.

Book Cover Rating
The cover looks crisp and clean, sorry, but when I look at the cover those are the words that pop into my head (weird). I really like the wolf he or she is gorgeous and I would love to own one someday.

Book’s Blurb
To forgive is divine…if he can pin his lover down long enough to beg for it.

Poconos Pack, Book 1

Ben Malone’s role as Marshall attunes him to every nuance of the pack’s wellbeing—which means he’s forced to feel every one of his mate’s hangovers. It’s the one reason Ben will never claim Dave Maldonado. Being alone is better than being with someone who lives in a bottle.

Dave was destined to be a pack Alpha until his first migraine hit at age fifteen, the day he caught his future mate holding hands with another boy. In the nine agonizing years since, he’s contented himself as Beta, but never learned to live with the pain and confusion of Ben’s rejection.

Dave’s worst attack yet sends him to the hospital—and brings them both face to face with the misunderstanding that’s kept them apart all these years. It’s too late, though. Dave is headed for Gay Pride Week at Disney World with one goal in mind. Forget Ben Malone.

Ben’s got a problem with that. Only one man is destined to hold his David. And he’ll give anything, even his last shred of pride, to win forgiveness—and the right to finally claim his mate.

Warning: This book contains explicit sex, graphic language, and male/male love scenes between two top dogs. Who knew Rock Paper Scissors could be such fun?

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