Hybrid Rejected by Romy Lockhart


August 16, 2021
Romy Lockhart
Paranormal Romance, Reverse Harem
Author’s Page

Amanda graduates high school, rescues her friend from some creepy gators only to get rejected by her friend’s brother. Lucky for her she had options to get away from all that. And as a reward for her decision to go away she gets 3 mates for the price of one rejection.

Hybrid Rejected is an interesting story with a lot going on with multiple storylines taking place. Hybrid Rejected start with the just the one-story line with Amanda then when she reaches school splits into 2 other storylines with in the main story. There’s Sean and Parker who meet Amanda first, then there is Dante who actually finds her while running through the woods. Sean is dealing with the gator problem that seems to have followed her while Parker is busy wooing her and then there is Dante who is dealing with a witch who wants him for some nefarious means.

Hybrid Rejected is a nicely written story with a good strong flow even with the multiple events going on. There are not any grammatical editing issues that I noticed (thankfully). Definitely worth my time and energy and I can’t wait to read the other books connected with this one.

3 mates!!! No need to say much about the heat factor in Hybrid Rejected. There is heat but be aware that you won’t read about it right away because Hybrid Rejected focuses on the storyline more than the bedroom.

Book Cover
The model on the cover seems to represent Amanda which fits with the story line. The dark dramatic background does make the cover of Hybrid Rejected stand out.

The blurb is for the most part well written with just enough info to hook a potential reader into purchasing a copy. The first paragraph does need some grammatical editing but that’s and easy fix to find.

Book’s Blurb
Amanda is heartbroken when her true mate rejects her because she’s a hybrid. Realizing she’ll never be accepted by full-blooded shifters, she accepts a place at Gemini Academy.

Her new life gets off to a rocky start when she’s stalked by a dangerous shifter she managed to attract before she left her old pack. Rescued by an Alpha, she soon finds out Wolf Creek is much more accepting of hybrids.

Even so, she doesn’t expect to find another true mate there, never mind three of them. She can’t deny her attraction to them, but she’s afraid to have her heart broken all over again.

Can she let go of the past, or will it come back to haunt her?

Hybrid Rejected is a standalone new adult rejected mate reverse harem romance with college-aged characters, serious steam and an HEA.

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