Tonight’s Desire (Volkoff Pack #1) by S. R. Roddy


February 21, 2014
S. R. Roddy
Paranormal Menage Romance
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I got Tonight’s Desire as a freebie back in 2014 from Amazon and am now finally getting, and I am glad I did. I think I read it or started reading it before because I remember bits and pieces of the first few chapters. Anyway, moving on, Tonight’s Desire is a slow build that starts out very focused on Mia and her life up until she meets the twins, Hunter and Cyril.

I thought the story line was well thought out and the attention to detail was well thought out and written. I really enjoyed the way the author put time into building the relationship between Mia and her twins, Hunter and Cyril without rushing them into bed for hot heavy pornographic sex scene that dominate a lot of books. Don’t get me wrong there are bedrooms scenes that are addressed further down in the review.

My only complaint for Tonight’s Desire is towards the end when I started running into editing issues. It was like the author was coming to end and getting so excited to be done that he/she rushed to finish without checking for edits. Thankfully the edits that I notice were not enough to take away from my overall rating of Tonight’s Desire.

It took the twins a while but they finally got the job done, but Tonight’s Desire is more about the story line then the bedroom so it’s not so graphic to be considered porn but graphic enough to see a bit of steam coming out of the reading app.

Book Cover
Awesome Cover. The cover is clearly not generic and after reading Tonight’s Desire it is clear that the author and who ever created the cover paid attention to details from the story.

Blurb Rating
The blurb definitely needs some editing according to the little blue double lines on my Word program.

Book’s Blurb
Warning: This book contains sexual content involving M/F/M characters.

Surrounded by so much death Mia feels cursed. Afraid for her friends’ safety and in desperate need of a reprieve from life’s dangers she seeks solitude in a quiet cabin along the border of Canada. A chance meeting with two sexy werewolves and all her plans change.

Treated as outsiders by their family and pack twin brothers, Hunter and Cyril, long for a different life than fate has handed them. On leave after a long assignment they are stunned by the appearance of a woman whose erotic scent has their wolves howling to be released. A true mate, could the fates be that kind to the unworthy?

Desperate to win her trust they struggle against their own nature and their wolves desire to mate. Everything changes when a casual conversation brings to light the very real danger she’s in. As the clock ticks, they work together sifting through past events in an attempt to unravel any clues to her stalker’s identity.

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