Fate (Sacrifice #1) by A. C. Heller


August 7, 2013
A. C. Heller
Paranormal Romance
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I purchased Fate back in July of 2014 but never got to it. I went scouring through it trying to find something that could grab my attention for more than 15 minutes or even make it past the 3rd chapter. Fate was successful on both counts and I was able to make it to the end of the story within a week.

Chasca is a rather interesting character, I couldn’t tell if she was the strong independent type or the damsel in destress type, she kind of flipped back and forth. At least she fights back when it counts. She clearly needs to work on her timing because she just keeps walking into trouble. Then there is Takeo, I get he is supposed to be the hero in all of this but the way he was written made it seem like he was a secondary character with now real substance, which was down right sad.

While reading Fate I discovered a new pet peeve, and I have to admit this one really bugged me and almost ruined the story for me. I decided to share the paragraph instead of a quote to help me explain the problem with it and that it adds to my dislike of stories told in the first person.

Once I finish speaking, I place a soft kiss on his cheek. Turning around, I gently slide off the bed, pick up the bowl, and head out of his room, not looking back. Little did I know, had I looked back, I would have seen Takeo’s eyes were open. And I would have seen what was in them.

Now how would Chasca know that when she never looked back? This is something you read in a story told by a third person not a first person story and it sort of ruins the continuity and credibility of the story.

Overall, the story wasn’t awful it was just flat and a bit confused. The author did take the time to make sure it was well edited which was awesome. I am going to give Fate three stars because the story line it self was pretty imaginative and I really like that, but it does need the some of the primary characters brought more to the forefront and decision needs to be made on whether this is a first person or third person story.

Wish I could say this story was teaming with graphic, orgasmic moments just to make my adult kids shake their heads and laugh about their mom reading porn (that’s all they think I read 😉) but no such luck. There are a few make out scenes but they are tame enough that some of my more conservative friends would appreciate it. As for the bedroom scenes there is only one and it is alluded to rather the told in detail.

Book Cover
This cover fits the story line but it is not very imaginative and does not live up to the creativity of the story line itself.

Blurb Rating
The blurb needs a couple of edits but is otherwise well written.

Book’s Blurb
“There must always be balance.”

Chasca Leon grew up in foster care and never spent a lot of time making friends. There were things about her people just wouldn’t understand. Thing’s even she didn’t understand. She lived a very quite life, going to work, and going home, never intentionally seeking adventure. This is, until she was kidnapped. Chasca cannot comprehend why someone would kidnap her and she only discovers why once she is rescued by two gorgeous militant men. While under their protection she learns that she is not human and that the strange things that have been occurring all her life were all because she is of the Nephilim bloodline.

Fate has never been a thing Chasca has concerned herself with but once she learns that she is part of an ancient prophecy she understand that she is truly in danger. Her protectors do everything they can to keep her out of harm’s way but there’s only so much that can be done when your ward is a headstrong mouthy woman.

Recommended for those 18 and older.

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