Scarlett (Love in Somerset #1) by Shelly Ferguson


June 30, 2019
Magic Lily Press
Paranormal Romance
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Scarlett is certainly having an interesting week, she finds her mate, Ian, with a wedding ring on his finger. The King of Centaurs and her co-worker, the science teacher, wants her. She has a new friend that stabs anyone who makes Scarlett uncomfortable and a body guard that hardly says anything to her.

It was easier to pick what I didn’t like in Scarlett then it was to pick what I liked. The characters, and there a number of characters, are all pretty cool and likable. I did not like the science teacher, he seemed pretty odd from the beginning. The story line for Scarlett was well though out and well written with few to no edits to speak of. There are a couple of boring spots but they are fairly short lived. I look forward to reading more books in the series.

Book Cover
Based on the description of Scarlett, I am not sure that the cover actually matches the story. Scarlett has mouse brown hair, to me that mean a little to medium brown, limp hair in a constant bun, which is clearly not what the model is sporting.

I like blurbs that give you a taste of the story without giving to much away, the blurb for Scarlett gives your that. I don’t like blurbs that have questions about the story at the end and this blurb also delivers on this. Scarlett blurb needs minor editing just because of those stupid questions because adding questions to the end of a blurb is just stupidly pointless.

Book’s Blurb
One crazy week will change Scarlett’s life forever.

For the last ten years, Scarlett thought her Fated Mate was dead … until he hit her with a buggy in the shampoo aisle of the grocery store three days after she moved to a small town in the Georgia mountains.

That little bump leads to a girlfriend road trip, a hot centaur, a creepy co-worker, and a gremlin sidekick who stabs first and asks questions … never.

When the local romance book club – The Crazy Cats – adopted her all bets were off. They planned her wedding and helped her settle into their small town before she knew what was happening.

Will, she chose the charming Derek Heiss (the King of Centaurs) or Ian Beckett (a small town deputy she was born to love)?

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