Slick Rock Cowboys (Slick Rock #1) by Becca Van


November 30, 2011
Siren Publishing
Romantic Erotica, Cowboy/Western, Ménage a Trois
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Clay and Johnny fell in love with their neighbor about eight years ago but could do nothing about it because she was a minor. Then one day she was gone, no good bye no nothing. Then just as they were ready to give up on seeing her again and move on they almost hit her in their truck.

Tara’s brain had enough and just snapped when her apartment building went up in smoke and she found herself in her old hometown wishing she could leave there was just too much pain.

I think my favorite part of Slick Rock Cowboys is the bedroom scenes; they make it worth reading this book. Johnny and Clay claim they were pining for Tara yet they never made the attempt to find her? That would have made the story line a bit more viable when they claimed to have always loved her. Because I can certainly understand Tara’s point of view as to why she never tried to contact them. Then there is Clay’s anger at her leaving, really? She was fifteen she had no say in whether she stayed or went and both men knew that she could turn up at their place any time so should have kept those dalliances away from home then maybe they would have known she was leaving. Becca Van could have done a better job of making this one a more plausible storyline because even though I mostly like the characters the story line if a bit flawed.

Book’s Blurb
Tara Rustle has just spent her twenty-third birthday alone, just like her last six birthdays. She arrives home from work to find her home burning to the ground. This event is the crux of Tara’s grief for the mother she lost six years previously and the loneliness she has endured, and she snaps. Tara wakes up in the arms of two sexy, masculine men, Clay and Johnny Morten, in the town of Slick Rock, Colorado, with no memory. She feels comfortable with the two men, so when they offer her a job cooking for them on their ranch, she accepts their offer. Little does she know the two men were once her childhood neighbors. Tara’s memory returns. Clay and Johnny set about seducing the one woman they have lusted after for years. Everything seems to be progressing nicely, until an old flame of Johnny and Clay’s turns up. Celia is insane and threatens Tara’s life. Will Clay and Johnny get to Tara in time to save her from a crazy ex-lover? Or will Celia win and end Tara’s life?

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