Healing Souls (Soldiers of Pearl #2) by Dixie Lynn Dwyer


October 17th 2014
Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
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Cora spent three years on the run with her family and now she is still trying to recover from Anthony’s last brutal attack that almost cost killed her. Now she lives with anxiety attacks and trying to rebuild herself and her family just knowing she will be alone forever. With the help of Brock, one of her sister’s men she finds a job but the men she works for are big and hard and she feels week and scared.

Blade doesn’t trust women thanks to his ex-wife he thinks they are all conniving bitches and that includes Cora.

Beau is still recovering from injuries he received from his last mission and feels like he has nothing to offer Cora, whom he has been watching for a while.

Avery and Asher are tired of hopping from woman to woman but they don’t think have anything to offer any woman but they want a committed relationship with Cora.

Cason is convinced Cora is the answer to his team’s desires for a committed relationship if he and his team could break through the walls, she has up to protect herself.

I just had to read this book right away, after being bummed with Invasion of Hearts; I was looking for redemption and thankfully found it. There weren’t as many editing issues and only one-bedroom scene that had the twins mixed up. Everything else was solid, the characters to poppin, the story line was consistent with Invasion of Hearts and the bedroom scenes were steaming hot.

The only thing holding Healing Souls back from a five-star rating are the editing errors.

Book’s Cover Rating
I think the cover fits the book but doesn’t really stand out. It was the author, who is a favorite of mine, and the blurb that got me buying this book.

Book’s Blurb Rating
I really like the blurb and couldn’t wait to read Healing Souls.

Book’s Blurb
Sometimes the greatest fight one has, is the one within themselves. Cora only knows abuse and pain. She no longer believes that any man would want her after all she has sustained. Her focus is on her children and making a future for them of love, safety and security. She’s determined to be independent, to resist the anxiety attacks that rule her life, and to start anew.

When her sister challenges her capabilities, Cora sets out to prove her wrong. She never expects to win the hearts of five very intimidating, personally scarred soldiers. But the connection they feel, the shared losses, the vulnerability and challenges, are common between them. The love and compassion they show toward her children alters her belief that these men are cold hearted commanding men. Can she identify and accept true love, when it appears out of nowhere? Or are the scars of her past too deep to let anyone in? When danger appears closer then feared, Cora could lose it all.

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M, light consensual BDSM, spanking, HEA]

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