Alpha’s Fated Mate by Subhan Ahmed


January 18, 2022
Subhan Ahmed
Paranormal Romance

Sam ran away from the abusive situation, she had been in since she was 12, before it could escalate in to an even worse situation. While on the run to mother’s pack she is rescued by Alpha Matthew.

The storyline for Alpha’s Fated Mate is pretty cool and the characters are likeable, well except for Uncle Lou and his cronies, who really need to be exterminated like the rodents they are. There were also 2 girls, Carrie and Marina, mentioned near the beginning of the story that I thought would create hate and starts fights later in the story but they just dropped off the map so to speak, I thought it odd that they were even brought into the story if they weren’t going to be part off it, especially after their reaction upon seeing Sam. I guess there was enough trouble with Uncle Lou and his perverted son to make those characters superfluous (Sorry, I always wanted to use that word in a sentence) to the storyline.

Down to the rating, there were a few edits but nothing that looked like a tongue twister on steroids gumming up the works and it is possible that I might read Alpha’s Fated Mate again in the future but it’s hard to say today. With that I am going to say 4 stars with that chance to change it in the future if I read it again in the future. I really liked the story and the characters. I think my favorite part of the story would be when Sam goes with Matthew to save who she can save. If I say more then that I will give away the whole story… not happening because I really want you to read it for yourselves.

Book Cover
The first thing I ask myself when I look at the cover is… will it match the story line? After reading Alpha’s Fated Mate the answer in no it does not. First and foremost are the characters, Samantha is 18 and Matthew is 20 and clearly the models on the cover look much older then 18 and 20. Secondly the cover looks more like it belongs on a contemporary romance not a paranormal romance.

Blurb Rating
The blurb for Alpha’s Fated Mate is ok, is not really a blurb it is more like a teaser or a preview. Ok is well okay but it could be better with a little more thought and creativity and teasers and previews are for virtual book tours.

Book’s Blurb
Samantha “Sam” Leilani Madison had barely escaped her abusive Uncle Lou and his demented son, Ralph. Trying to stay hidden, she ran for weeks until one afternoon, starving and dehydrated, she found a small stream where she stopped for a drink when suddenly she heard a twig snap. Her head snapped in the direction of the sound she saw two red eyes watching her. Rogue! Suddenly a large black wolf jumped over her head and killed the rogue, then the most magnificent man she had ever seen stepped out from behind a tree, and the scent that filled her nose, left her lightheaded. Mine!

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