Conn (Skin Walker #5) by Susan A. Bliler


August 14, 2012
Susan A. Bliler
Author’s Page

I don’t think wow even covers how great this book is, and I can honestly say that Susan Bliler is on my top ten list of favorite authors, especially since this is the second time I have read this book.

Conn the reluctant mate had me almost crying every time he made Aries cry towards the end. He also had me wanting to kick his ass when he pissed her off. And I definitely think she cheated during their moment in the gym when she faked being in pain.

I love it and can’t wait to read this book again 🙂

Book’s Blurb
Worn out and on the run, Aries Bracken’s life has quickly gone from bad to worse. Kidnapped by a team of mercenaries, she tries to convince their domineering commander that he has taken the wrong woman. She’ll play the helpless female until they slip up and when they do, she’ll be gone! Skin Walker Commander Conn Drago’s mission was simple, retrieve the woman and deliver her for payment. However, he quickly discovers that not only is the beautiful and spirited Aries not the intended target; she’s also unaware of the fact that she too is a Skin Walker.

When Conn realizes others are hunting Aries as well, he can’t fight his compulsion to protect her. He’ll have to battle both her unknown enemies, his own Skin Walker kind, and Aries’ desire to be free to claim what he has decided belongs to him.

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