Rejected Wolf (Wolves of Evergreen #5) by Suzanne Roslyn


May 9, 2021
Ember Secrets
Paranormal Romance

I don’t usually start with what I don’t like about a story but this times it is not so much about what I don’t like but what makes sense. Apparently in Rejected Wolf shape shifters have gone public and the government put them all on reservations. This makes no sense to me because the author indicated in the story that the shape shifters are Native Americans, a majority of whom are already on reservations. Why would you put them on a reservation when they are already stuck living on reservations?

There is also the situation about Tala and her brother Tyee, how could they not talk over the years? I have siblings that I did not grow up with but we have been in contact with each other off and on through out the years. So again, how did they not talk and communicate in some way? I guess you could blame the bitter mother but Tala is older and capable.

I did find a few edits but nothing that really takes away from the already shaky story line and anticlimactic ending.

Book Cover
The book cover is rather generic and could fit any storyline about werewolves.

The blurb is just right, short, sweet and to the point, giving me a taste of the story without telling me a condensed version of the story.

Book’s Blurb
He needs her to find the lost wolf spirit of her ancestors.
Hurt and rejected, Tala fled her home and her pack years ago.
Forced to return to the shifter reservation, Tala must face those who bullied her for her size.

The one man who shattered her heart is now the alpha, and he needs her help.
Her brother is missing and a new danger lurks outside Evergreen’s borders, but is Tala willing to risk herself for the one man who rejected her long ago?

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