Promise Me, Cowboy (Carrigans of the Circle C #1 & The Copper Mountain Rodeo #3) by C. J. Carmichael

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If you are looking for a little old fashion romance this is just the book for you.

Dawson falls in love with Sage takes her to bed where his psycho wife, who he thought was divorcing him, find them and aims a shot gun at them and the rest goes downhill from there until he shows up five years later wanting a second chance. Personally I think Sage should have kicked him in the balls then kicked him to the curb. For some reason I was expecting a lot of steam but got an old fashion romance instead. The characters where larger than life and melted my heart and I look forward to reading the rest of the series and hope to hear more about the enigma that is Sage’s father.

I think it is interesting when I find a book that ties two series together, it will be interesting to see is the author was able to maintain the continuity of her character even as the evolve from story to story.

I would have giving this book five stars but I think it needs some more editing done. I found a sentence that I am sure was missing a word as it made no sense at all.

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Sage Carrigan never meant to be the other woman. Unfortunately, bronco rider Dawson O’Dell neglected to mention he was married the night he invited her to his bed after they’d both placed first in their rodeo events. When his wife walked in on them – Sage was deeply hurt and humiliated.

After an accident in the ring the next day, Sage decides she’s quitting the rodeo–and cowboys—to become a chocolatier in her hometown ranching community, Marietta, Montana.

She’s doing just fine, but then Dawson shows up —five years later, with a little girl in tow. He’s here for the Copper Mountain Rodeo hoping to win big. But he’s also got plans of settling down with his daughter and buying a house—the very same one that Sage has been dreaming about.

He says he’s here for her and he’s making lots of promises. But can he keep them?