Claimed (The Cull #1) by Renee George


April 1, 2014
Paranormal Romance
Author’s Page

I wrote this review a while back, but it was one of the reviews I pulled with the intent to read it again and revamp the post. The funny thing is that Renee George republished her story as an independently published book and changed the title so in running into this turn of events I am deciding to post this review as I had originally written it but with my updated format. There is a bonus—as I was looking in my e-library I found the republished version that I had received in a Holiday Giveaway a few years ago and I plan to read it as soon as I can because I am really curious to see if the author made any changes.

Review As Originally Written
I was hooked in on the first sentence. I love short stories that get in the first ten sentences. There a couple of boring spot but they didn’t last long and were great breaks for doing a few chores before continuing. I think Anna should have bit Rebecca after she changed but hey I can’t have everything (Sorry aggressive tendency are showing this week), although I guess Anna’s way was more classy.

I look forward to reading more books by this author, and hope she expands more on the world she is creating with this series.

Book Cover Rating
I love this cover

Book’s Blurb
Anna Davis has accepted that her four-year battle with cancer is finally over. With only weeks to live, she makes peace with her life and makes arrangements for her death.

Twenty years ago, Anna fell in love with Conor Evans at the wrong place and in the wrong time. She’d had to make the toughest decision she’d ever faced—and let him go. Now at the end of her life, he’s offering her a chance to finally follow her heart. He has invited her to the cull—a tradition of transformation from human into a lycanosapien by “bite and blood.”

Anna has her reasons for refusing Conor, even if it means only living another month, but Conor refuses to give up on the only woman he’s ever loved—not without a fight. Anna has another tough choice—go back to her frail humanity or accept Conor’s invitation and…claim.