The Fire Within (The Nephilim #2) by Dana Marie Bell


June 30, 2014
Carina Press
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I was given The Fire Within by Manic Readers for an honest review

Elizabeth Rand is a private investigator who does her job well and when a murder is committed outside her office, she is determined to find out the who, what, when, and where much the consternation of one Detective Dante Zucco. With their growing attraction to each other fighting to take center stage it is a wonder they manage to solve their case.

First and foremost, I want to say that Dana Marie Bell is one of my favorite authors and I will always be eager to read her books. That being said please, Ms. Dana, forgive me any negatives as there are a few. I want to say that I will give The Fire Within a five-star review but in all good conscience I cannot because even if I plan to read it again there are is still the issue of edits that I wish I could ignore. There was one sentence that has words repeated making the sentence not make any sense and the ridiculous number of periods where there shouldn’t be any periods and lastly sentences with extra words that didn’t even belong in the sentence.

I loved the story line and wish that I had read All For You, the first book in the series first because I have a feeling that would have added some back story to Elizabeth and Dante. I absolutely loved chapters ten and eleven and most of my favorite quotes came from them and then of course there are the amazingly hot bedroom scenes. The characters were personable and easy to relate to even if they didn’t always seem to relate to each other. Dante for some reason made me think of Grease ever time his last name came up, which I thought was amusing.

Favorite Quotes
It was a hard decision as to which wants I wanted to pick and I really want to share them all but I restrained myself and picked three.

“You have an obsession with poo gas. Remind me not to bring you any bean burritos for lunch.”—Elizabeth

“Are we done now? I think we’re done. Please say we’re done?”—Dante

Oh, yeah. Let’s break out the double chocolate ice cream. You get the facial cream, I’ll get the hot cocoa. We can boot up The Odd Couple and totally bond over what pricks women are.”—Dante

Ms. Dana, I hope I will get the opportunity to read an edited version of this book some time so that I can change the star rating and again I apologize for that but I would not be honest if gave you five stars.

Book Cover Rating
I love the cover and thought it was an awesome hint to what happens with Dante.

Book Blurb Rating
The blurb fit the book but maybe could have been a tad shorter.

Book’s Blurb
She will set his world ablaze.

Detective Dante Zucco has been tasked with bringing a Shemyaza to justice. As a seris Nephilim, his inner fire comes in handy in battle, but not in love. He’s been burned before, but maybe this time he’ll find a blaze that matches his own.

One of the families of the human victims has hired Elizabeth Rand, PI, to investigate the murders. It’s all Dante can do to keep his hands off the alluring, stubborn woman. A single glance from her gray eyes, and Dante goes up in flames.

Beth suspects Dante is one of the Nephilim, angelic warriors bound to hunt down the evil Shemyaza who haunt the night and feed off the innocent. If the murderer she’s tracking is a Shem, then keeping a Nephilim close would be only logical. She agrees to work with the hunky detective, unaware of his growing feelings for her.

When Beth gets too close to finding out the truth behind the Shem kills, her life is put in danger, forcing Dante to protect her the only way he can: with fire.

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