Falling for a Santini (The Santinis #7) by Melissa Schroeder


December 23, 2014
Harmless Publishing
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I was given Falling For A Santini for an honest review by Net Galley

Elena is in-love with her oldest brother’s best friend but he has always treated her like the kid sister she so is not. Now she has a plan and the big brother that gets in the way isn’t around to interfere. So with a plan in place she lures TJ into her apartment and away they go.

TJ have been best friend with Anthony Santini for long enough to be a member of the family and has always respected the best friend code “don’t mess with the little sister” even though she isn’t so little anymore and he wants her bad. But things change in a big way when a seemingly drunk Elena needs a ride home and once in her apartment she all but rips off his cloths, now he doesn’t want to leave her, even with the big undercover assignment looming.

Elena grew up in a military family and she understands how important duty is and she is not about to mess with TJ’s head with declarations of love knowing that could distract him and get him killed so she treats their time together like a fling and promises to talk about when he comes home. When TJ finally does get home he can’t wait to see Elena only to has one of her many brothers there to hinder his desire to take her to bed for a month. When they finally do get to talk about their relationship it is almost to late because TJ’s case followed him home.

I put Falling for a Santini down 4 or 5 times before I finally said okay enough and just plowed right through that first chapter and you would think that one would be glued to the first two chapters with its taking place primarily in the bedroom but then they weren’t having that graphic hot monkey sex that has steam rolling off the pages and you dreaming of your husband or wishing for a cold shower. Seriously, if you are going to start off a story with the main characters doing the nasty then I freaking want ALL the oooy gooy details please not just bits and pieces. Although it was fun reading the back and forth between Elena and TJ as she basically taunted him into having sex with her which for me was the funniest part. I think that Melissa Schroeder could have expanded on her sub-plot a bit more to add more depth to the story line because otherwise all you have is what get describe as a strong character acting like an insecure ninny because she is afraid that TJ is going to change his mind because big brother is being a twit on a stick. For as long as the book was there just wasn’t much substance.

Favorite quotes
These quotes show a strong, confident Elena but when TJ comes back and her insecurities come out I kind of shut down a bit even when she was threatening to kick TJ’s ass.

“Listen, I’m a grown up. You don’t have the courage to face your attraction head on. I can deal with that. Doesn’t mean I’m going to sit around hoping some day you will get over it. I might want you, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to wait for you to grow a set of balls.”—Elena

“Good lord, just go, JT. You made your position clear. I’m a big girl. You would have kissed any woman back who had locked lips with you. Now, could you leave so I can go disinfect my mouth, because you are apparently a whore with your mouth?”—Elena

Book Cover Rating
The cover definitely piqued my interest but then again sometimes the cover is better than the book itself.

Book Blurb Rating
Definitely sold me on requesting Falling for a Santini

Book’s Blurb
A crush that turned into love.

Being the only girl in a family with five Santini brothers was never easy on Elena Santini. She always tried to be faster and smarter to make sure they always took her seriously. They were always trying to tell her what to do, and worse, who she could date. That’s why falling for her oldest brother’s best friend wasn’t smart especially when he treats her like a sister. That is, until she gets him alone in her apartment one night.

One night in Heaven.

NCIS agent Jethro Thomas, known to everyone as JT, has always played it smart. When his admiration turned to attraction a few years ago, he started avoiding Elena. A guy wasn’t supposed to have those kinds of thoughts about his best friend’s little sister. After returning from an undercover assignment, and about to go on another one, he can’t seem to resist the temptation. One night with her and he knows he’s lost, but he has a job to do.

A changed man.

JT returns from the assignment with a few more scars, both physical and emotional–but he survived for one reason. He’s ready to start a new life with Elena, but a dark cloud hangs over the new love. When small incidents evolve into near death accidents, JT realizes someone from his past is ready to destroy his happiness, even harm Elena to make him pay.