Baker (The Skulls #14) by Sam Crescent


October 31st 2016
Evernight Publishing
Contemporary Romance
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I am not sure why I have been picking so many Sam Crescent books lately but I hope I will be forgiven because she is a fantastic story teller. I picked this story because of the blurb, it was really compelling to me so I purchased the book (last November) thinking it would be further down the line but the blurb kept dragging me back to book until I finally relented and started reading and then proceeded to read it again. Don’t get me wrong I usually read good books more than once but never twice in the same week, there is usually six months to a year before a book starts calling my name again.

Baker is number 14 in The Skulls series and the first book of that series that I have read and now I have a strong urge to start at the beginning with book one because, like Laurann Dohner, Sam created a world where you get more than just the main characters, you get a three-dimensional world of ongoing lives. Clearly Baker and Millie’s story started in an earlier book that focused mostly on the main characters but yet was able to branch out and encompass everyone in one way or another, I love series that are written this way.

Baker is ready for Millie to be in his life but when he here hears she has a date he plans to crash her date and get her back, how romantic, I absolutely love that part. Millie left her greed ridden snobbish family and her rotten cheating scum bag fiancé and found a place where she felt she could be happy. So when Bethany the Bitch arrives, determined to take what Millie loves from her, Millie fights her insecurities as she stand up against her sister. Have to tell you just from what I have read in Baker alone I totally love the Skulls women, they definitely can rock it out when provoked. Millie chose her family well.

This is the part that I am both excited about and sometimes dread, how should I rate Baker. For the most part I clearly love this story but there are a few places that left me dazed and confuse, but I will get to those in a moment. I would like to give Baker a five-star rating because I do love the story and will no doubt read it again warts and all but I just can there were eleven edits in all at the end of my count and some of those edits were really left me going ‘what the fuck’ and disrupted my reading flow both times I read the story. That being said I am sorry but I am giving Baker three stars, who know maybe this Summer I can find time to make some changes to my rating system so that when I do come around to reading Baker again it will be different.

I usually chose quotes that make me laugh or in general just really catch the eye and make you think ‘right on, man’ because they just rock it out. This time I chose a couple of quotes that just confused the shit out of me.

This quote wasn’t confusing but does need to be edited. Is that first ‘keep’ meant to be there or is it meant to be something else?

“Not at all. You’re a big guy. You need to keep a lot of food to keep you going.”—Millie

This particular quote I decided I needed this whole because I am hoping someone can either see what I see or unconfused me. I believe both statements were said by Bethany but something feel missing between the two statements because they don’t make sense in the scene’s conversation.

“Sweetie, I was fucking him a hell of a lot longer than that. He was really good in the sack as well. I mean, really good. I’ve never had one better so far. Then again, I’ve never had an MC member either. You’re always the good girl, Millie. I only need to be the good girl when it matters.”
“You mean when you’re trying to turn Grandma against me? Cut me out of the will?”—Bethany

Book’s Blurb
When Baker first saw Millie, he truly believed he was ready to start afresh. The death of his wife and child had left him hollow. It was time to start over and leave his old life behind, without looking back.

Millie was used to coming last in everything, forever second best. There was no way she’d be able to compete with a ghost, so she let Baker go. But years have passed, and Baker is no longer a lost soul. He intends to show Millie the real man he has become. He’s determined to have a future with Millie. With the help of his family, The Skulls, he knows he’ll claim her as his old lady, and his wife in the end. With The Skulls at his back, there’s no chance of failing.

Everything seems to fall into place. Baker has Millie right where he wants her, in his heart, and in his bed. When her sister turns up, trouble comes with her. Can Baker convince Millie that he’ll stick by her? Will Bethany come between them? It’s time for Millie to find out what it’s like to have The Skulls at her back. No one attacks a Skull and gets away with it, and Millie is a Skull, Baker’s old lady, and part of the family.

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