Abducted (The Twin Moons of Andove #1) by Cassandra Logan


April 17, 2015
Cassandra Logan
SciFi Romance
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I have no idea what is was thinking when I read Abducted the first time, because the note that I wrote at the end makes no sense to me because when I went back to skim the book, to refresh my memory, I found myself reading it completely again. My note simply said there were no edits jumping out to ruin the story and that nothing in the story really stood out as interesting. I can honestly say the first part is spot on, I found no edits which makes me happier than anything, however, there were a lot of interesting things that jumped out at me.

I found it interesting that the author didn’t come up with more sci-fi like names. Cassandra used names like Zeke and Anika although Dax and Ajax sound like plausible names for aliens but then again, I have not met any aliens, but it is on my bucket list, so it is rather unfair to say what is plausible and what is not. I mean Zeke makes me think of a red-neck farmer riding a big tractor not a computer geek alien while Sasha makes me think of a foreign spy or an opera singer and not an attorney.

The characters themselves were interesting but I think I really liked Sasha and Dax better for some reason. Don’t get me wrong the lead characters, Zeke and Anika are mostly likable and their bedroom scene were steam worthy but their friends were a bit more entertaining to read about when not reading the bedroom scenes especially Dax, he really knew how to push people’s buttons to get a major rise out of them. What I can’t decide is whether he has a self-preservation filter or not after the beating he got from Zeke, maybe the next book in the series will tell us.

Over all I liked Abducted and it was really nice to read a story and not have it turned upside down and inside out by editing issues so thank you Cassandra Logan. I do plan on getting the other 2 books in the series when time and book allowance grant it.

“I have had it up to here with you, pretty boy. You’ve done nothing but get on my nerves all day. You’ve purposefully blocked my sun, splashed water on me, ruining my paperback, and now you’ve eaten all the brownies. I don’t care if Anika does want to fuck your friend, I’m going to make you sorry you woke up this morning.”—Sasha

Book Cover Rating
I am not entirely sure how this cover is supposed to fit the book. It is rather interesting though.

Book’s Blurb
Anika’s life has finally fallen into place. She has a career she loves, an apartment that, while small, meets her needs, and a best friend that is helping her find someone to spend the rest of her life with, or at the very least someone to have a good time with.

Zeke is only on Earth long enough to make repairs to some salvaged equipment and relax with the local natives. Just a few, short weeks and then he, and his shipmates are on their way back to their home world. Then he catches Anika’s scent and his wolf is gone.

Unable, and unwilling, to fight the instant attraction Zeke soon finds himself head over heels, but will the secret he’s keeping cause him to lose his mate? Meanwhile, Anika has a secret of her own that could end up having a huge impact on the couple’s future.

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