Bride of the Alpha (Timber Valley Pack #1) by Georgette St. Clair


July 15, 2014
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Josephine is a very good and brave friend to willingly go into a marriage with a stranger to save her friend. Max will make a good Alpha after he learns to be honest with his wife in all things; they are on the same side after all.

The story line though compelling may have been better if told in another way besides the first person, but then I am generally not a big fan of those stories. You get to of course know Josephine as the story is told from her perspective but because of this the other characters are lacking in depth and to me that takes away from the story.

I have to say I am rather disappointed in the author because Bride of the Alpha seemed rushed, like she just slapped it together. You can see this in the inconsistencies you find in some parts of the book. Bride of the Alpha also needs to be edited again adding to the rushed thought process I am having about the book. I have read other books by Georgette St. Clair (some more than once) and I don’t recall being disappointed in those in anyway. I hope she goes back and edits and fixes the stuff that need fixing, so I can re-read this one because I liked the story line but the author can do better.

Book’s Blurb
The Timber Valley pack has a terrible reputation. Word is their males are dominant, kinky, and possessive – and Josephine’s best friend from college is being forced to marry one? No way!

Curvy wolf shifter Josephine Southpaw’s got the perfect solution. Using a magic charm, she’ll disguise herself as the slender, beautiful Camille on her wedding day – while Camille hightails it out of town with the wolf she really loves. Of course, the Alpha will ditch Josephine the second he gets her back to the wedding suite and sees what his chubby bride really looks like. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, for starters, Alpha Maxwell Battle is smokin’ hot. And he takes one look at Josephine and vows to never let her go – but he’s going to punish her for her trickery in deliciously sexy ways. And finally, Josephine’s friends keep staging well-intentioned rescue attempts, but she’s no longer sure she wants to be rescued.

But Josephine’s not the only one with secrets. It soon becomes very clear that Maxwell’s hiding something big, a secret that puts not only Josephine’s heart but her life at risk.

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