Knotted (Trails of Sin #1) by Pam Godwin


May 1, 2018
Heartbound Media, Inc.
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I almost added Knotted to my ‘Could Not Get Into’ list because honestly rape is never a scene I want to watch or read and, in this story, it was pretty freaking brutal. I left it for a few days and was still considering it as a new addition to the above-mentioned list when I picked it up again and started reading the middle of the story. Though it was still rather intense I was able to get into the story, I did go back far enough to make sure I passed the rape scene.

The story in Knotted focuses around Conor and Jake rekindling their romance while waiting to avenge the wrongs committed against her. Also, in the story are Connor’s brother Lorne and Jake’s brother Jarret are each have their roles to play but are more behind the scenes. I do wish that some of those behind the scene moments had been part of the book but then I can’t have everything. I do recommend a box of tissue remain by your side as you read knotted. The hell the characters go through made my hear ache for them throughout the gut-wrenching story.

You can that Pam did put a great deal of thought into her story because her attention to the details was nearly flawless and I sure even the parts I skipped were well written and consistent with the rest of the story. The big question for me as I finish writing my thoughts on Knotted are of the ratings. Could I read this story again from start to finish? Can I read book 2 and or 3? Do I really feel like diving into fictious hell again in the future when reality isn’t that much of a cake walk? I guess time will tell.

Book Cover Rating
The cover is eye catching yet doesn’t really catch the essence of this particular story.

Book’s Blurb
I try to forget her.
It’s impossible.

Growing up together, Conor and I shared all our firsts.
First love, first kiss, first…
Not all our firsts.

We were sixteen the night she was violently assaulted while I helplessly watched.
I’ll never forget the sounds of her suffering.
Or my inconsolable agony when she left Oklahoma.

Years later, she returns to honor our teenage pact.
Except the boy she loved is gone, replaced by a ruthless cattle rancher knotted with secrets.
She doesn’t know my dark cravings or the trails of sin that lead to her.

I don’t deserve her, but one truth remains.
She’s mine.

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