In Name Only by Vivian Rose Lee


August 7, 2011
ViviRose publishing
Contemporary Romance

With as often as I have read this book, I really should have written this review along time ago. I have honestly read In Name Only nearly once a year since I purchased the book in 2012. This story is great if you are looking for an emotional roller coaster ride. One second, I was laughing, the next I was mad and ready to strangle that twit, Dina and the next second, I was wanting to cry.

I really liked Skylar; she has survived some pretty hard knocks. Ben needs surgery to pull his head out of his arrogant pathetic ass. It a pity Skylar didn’t get relocated before Ben caught up to her, he should have been forced to chase her down giving him time to cool down and think before opening his stupid mouth.

I do like In Name Only and should give it a 5-star rating after the number of times I have read it but with the number of edits that need fixing I just can’t do that. The story flows well for the most part as far as continuity in the story line goes it’s the extra words or missing words that create the speed bumps in that detract from the story. If the author ever decides to edit this book, I will be happy to change my review.

In Name Only had a couple of tastefully written bedroom scenes that definitely had steam rising of my tablet.

Book Cover
The cover is nice but does not match the story given that Skylar was married in a court house with out a wedding dress so all this cover does is give away the ending.

Think the blurb is a bit winded giving away to much of the story. I think half the story is cliff noted in the blurb.

Book’s Blurb
Skylar Carter a shy, widowed dressmaker, and disowned from her affluent family, finds herself again married to the same type of man she vowed never to get involved with, all because she let go of her reserve for one night. Now she was in a name only marriage with a man that hates her. USN Commander Benjamin Smith was floored when he see the beautiful dressmaker sitting at the family table at his sister wedding. He was instantly drawn to her in a way he had never experienced. He wants her to be his at least for a little while. After a night of unbridled passion Ben wasn’t sure he could let her go. Until he thinks Sky has betrayed him, forcing him to do something he never wanted, and Benjamin is never forced to do anything he did not want. Now he is married Sky making it clear it the marriage will be in name only. As he and Sky begin to share a home, he begins to wonder was he wrong about her?

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