Were She Belongs (Were Trilogy #1) by Dixie Lynn Dwyer


August 11th 2010
Siren Publishing
Paranormal Menage Romance
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Lexi has been on her own for as long as she can remember and on the run for the last few years. Leaving her best friend behind without a ‘good bye’ was the hardest thing she had ever done but in order to protect Sierra it was necessary.

My second time through Were She Belongs wasn’t nearly as exciting as my first time through it, even so, I was no were near disappointed in the story as a whole. There were a few things that drove me nut and I will get to those shortly. First I want to talk about what I really liked about this story. I really like the story line and how you also got to touch base with the bad guys from time to time to see the plotting. I really liked the characters, especially Sierra and Lexi and I can just imagine how much they will stir the pot with their mates. I think my favorite part is how Lexi finds out she has family and their reactions when they find out.

Lexi’s character had some interesting contradictions given how she was raised. She grew up a street kid and for all intents and purposes she was street smart and trusted no one, and for valid reasons. It is for those reasons a lone I expected her to fight harder against her mates and really thought she would at least try to run but she didn’t. This is where we get into what I don’t like about this story, the lack of consistency and continuity in places crated some comprehension issue at times especially when the time line seemed out of whack and characters were out of place. For example, when Feldman called Valco Lexi’s mate when he isn’t, he is Sierra’s mate. This one drives me absolutely crazy how can Andre’s ball be slapping Lexi’s ass when she is bent over the arm of the couch (on her stomach), seems to me his ball would be hitting somewhere in the vicinity of her clit.

The inconsistencies were the biggest editing issue in the book when the tally was completed on the number of edits I found but thankfully the edits only added up to enough to cost the author to lose only one star from the rating I intend to give this story. But as I sit here and ponder what my decision on this should be I am torn because I have read this book more than once and should for that very reason give this book a four-star rating because the edits omit a five-star rating but I am also considering a three-star rating because I am almost feeling like I should give it a four-star rating minus the star for the edits. Which brings me around to thinking maybe I should change my rating criteria by creating a separate rating system for the editing that is separate from my love it or hate it ratings.

Usually when I chose quotes to share, I pick the ones that make me laugh the hardest or are really profound to me. This time I picked one the I thought of as seriously out there in crazy land. The way they were talking about a cleansing I am thinking fanatically insane religious group or homicidally insane cults.

“Before we accept your submission and you begin proving your total submission to your alphas, we must first cleanse you of your sins. That means the lies, the betrayal, holding back emotions, and the life you lead until meeting us, your mates. Do you accept whatever cleansing process we enforce upon you, mate?” –Saber

Book’s Blurb
After being abducted, Lexi was unable to escape and about to be murdered. Growls. Bodies flying. The next thing she knows, she’s staring into the eyes of some sexy wolf she met at the club.

Her old friend, Sierra, helped save her, along with three very sexy and intimidating Alpha males. Although they are triplets, Lexi soon finds out that they are just as powerful individually as they are together. But she’s never really belonged, and all she can give them is danger and pain.

Paul, Saber and Andre have found their mate, and they’re ready to claim her body and soul. The one problem, Lexi trusts no one. She’s lived on the streets, survived on her own, and she’s not about to be pampered. They know she’s in danger and that she’s safest with them.

It’s going to take some sneaky, dominant sexual tactics to convince Lexi she’s where she belongs.

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