Curve Charm (Wolf Clan #2) by Christa Wick


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Esme should maybe rethink taking her mother to the witches council and just let the pack take care of her cause I kind of think her Mama maybe more trouble then she is worth, what with all that hate she was displaying in front of poor Esme.

I really liked the first book in this series and and would have given it a five star rating if it had not been part of another book. This book did not disappoint either and I enjoyed getting to what happened between Dana and Esme even with her crazy ass interfering mother’s meddling. I am dieing to see what happens next in this world that Christa Wick has created.

Book’s Blurb
The sheltering of new latents threatens to expose the local wolf clan to a secret society of Hunters intent on driving the shifters to extinction. To strengthen the magic protecting their land, the clan’s leader demands an ancient ritual that will bring Esme and Dana together for one sexually charged night but could drive them apart forever — if the Hunters don’t kill them first.