The Chase (Wolves Among Us #1) by A. M. Reed


April 1, 2013
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I have so many reviews that I had revert to draft for fixing or updating that when I get to some, I am amazed at how little I write about them. Then there are those that are so short it is a wonder I think of anything to say, just like this one.

The Chase is a very short story and my original opinion still holds, that it is more of a taste of a story, but that it does have the potential to be awesome because I do like Tess even if she is a little on the whiney side, but that could be her fear of her dick headed dad causing it. I do think that Christopher should have told her his plan and why because Tess really should have been given a choice and she might have felt better about things if he had talked it through with her.

I am still in hope that the author might come back to this little taste of a story and expand on it someday because it really could be something awesome with just a little more time and effort. I am changing the rating because I truly feel that the author can do better.

Original Review
Posted March, 25, 2014
This book just seems like a taste of a story, I hope the author decides to add to this particular story.

Book’s Blurb
Tess is from an extremely traditional pack. Returning to her pack after four years away at college, as an unmated female, she must participate in an old pack ritual: the Chase.

Unmated wolves from her pack pursue her and the one who catches her gets the ultimate prize: her as a mate.

However, Tess knows how males treat their mates and wants no part of it, determined to evade capture during the chase… but can she outrun and outsmart such strong males? Or will she be forced into mating with a male as bad, or perhaps worse, than her abusive father?

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Rogues (Wolves Among Us #3) by A. M. Reed


July 12, 2013
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Why is that I seem to be able to write when I am not at home lately. It seems like every time I write a review I am some where other then my home, weird. This time I am in the truck with my husband, who is driving obviously. We are on a week-long road trip with our first stop being Martinez, California so see our awesome granddaughter.

I am not sure Rogues is an accurate title for this book because Sally’s family is basically a pack unto themselves and they are not trouble makers. But then, a lot books started out with a loner stopping in some location for one reason or another and maybe the author felt her characters were more rogue or maybe the characters felt like they were rogues when they were in the authors head, who knows.

Sally’s family has a distrust of packs after what happened with their original pack which is reasonable but I think the excessive distrust of the new pack willing to take them in and accept them is more about how bitter her father is for his loss of position in a pack. I found it sad that he would sacrifice his daughter’s happiness for his own desire to avoid another pack, which had me wondering if part of his issue was that he was ashamed of himself for the expulsion from the other packs. I really liked Kaegan and his pack, I found them to be tolerant and willing to accept people at face value, even as Sally’s dad tested their patience.

The last A. M. Reed book I read felt incomplete like there was more to tell, thankfully, Rogues didn’t leave me feeling this way. In fact, it had me bummed when it ended because it was good enough that I didn’t want to put it down or stop reading even if the story did come to its conclusion.

Book Cover Rating
Hmmm…. I am staring at the cover and to be honest I like the bottom portion of the cover a lot better then the top portion, which seems a bit like overkill. I mean, one or the other would be fine but not both because it makes it seem like there are two stories with the way they are placed, instead just one story.

Book Blurb Rating
The blurb did help sell me on Rogues as much as the previous stories did, but I do think the description of what a rogue is was unnecessary. There were also a couple of grammatic errors but those are not enough to change my planned rating.

Book’s Blurb
The word “rogue” is generally used to describe wolves that either broke away from their pack or were kicked out, and are now roaming around causing trouble. They are considered pests and, at times, extremely dangerous. Rogues usually are loners, occasionally grouping with other rogues in order to cause even more mayhem.

However, Sally’s family is forced into becoming rogues. After being kicked out of pack after pack for having a daughter born human, Sally’s sister Peyton, the Phillips family accepts their status as rogues and tries to live as peacefully as possible, as far away from other werewolves as possible.

When their car breaks down within a werewolf territory, all that flies out the window.

Kaegan, the Alpha claims Sally as his mate, shocking Sally and her entire family. After having so many bad experiences with Alphas, Sally is fearful of Kaegan. She’s not the only one with reservations, though. Her father is not happy about this development and is suspicious of Kaegan.

Will Sally and her family be able to accept Kaegan’s help when a new pack threatens their safety?