Bear Their Secret (Wylde Den #3) by Talina Perkins


January 25, 2017
Talina Perkins
Paranormal Romance

Cherry is a teacher in Alaska but she is also working in a restaurant and boinking two hot bear shifters, busy girl that’s for sure. I have to say she was awesome in her bravery against the big bad bullies even as it probably gave her men heart failure. I really rather liked the story line but there were a few issues that got in the way of my truly enjoying the whole story.

Bear Their Secret was a bit of a contradictions for me and it’s leaving me very frustrated, because when I initially finished it I was eager to give the story a five-star rating but after a week of thinking it through. Here is my first issue, I felt like I entered the story some where in the middle. Its kind of like the author went and decided to count 100 with a short cut ‘1, 2, skip a few 100’ but in this case you don’t get the 1 and 2 which makes me wonder if reading the first two books in the series would be in my best interest, then revisit Bear Their Secret. My second issue is minor in comparison to my first issue but still needs address so maybe someone can explain it to me. The title is Bear Their Secret but what is the secret? Because it seems to me that them being bears is rather public knowledge. The last issue would be the eleven editing issues that I found that ranged from wrong gender for person in question to misspelled words. With these three issues I am struggling with how many stars I want to give the story because I really enjoyed what I was reading when I was not running into the editing bumps in the story line.

Book Cover Rating
So. this is the cover that came with my purchase of Bear Their Secret but when I went to get the link for this book and noticed there is another cover and to honest, I think the one that came with my e-book fits the book more than the other cover. I mean really only person on the cover when there are three main characters in this story. I am giving the cover that came with my e-book five-stars for fitting the book and I like it better and the other cover one-star because it does not accurately depict Bear their Secrets.

Book’s Blurb
As search and rescue and partners in Wylde Excursions, breaking hearts and loving wild is what Lorne Wylde and Kohl Logan do best. Inseparable from childhood, both bear shifters share almost everything. Including their women. But the second they meet the new linguist teacher in town the heat of the mating season hits them harder than an iceberg. No one warned them Cherry’s luscious, curvy body and alluring taste would become so addictive.

Newly divorced Cherry Kennedy loved everything about the vast, wild state of Alaska. Especially the way they grew their men. Dark-haired, chiseled to perfection, and the sexiest whiskey eyes. Cherry is hesitant to risk her heart, but her body is ready for a hot one-night stand with Claw Ridge’s most eligible werebear bachelors. Basking in the magic of Alaska’s midnight sun, Cherry’s one passion-fueled night turns into two scorching months.

But the magic stops when reality crashes in and threatens to take her away from the men she’s falling for. After an accident results in a trip to the ER—and some unexpected news—she quickly discovers walking away isn’t an option. But is Cherry strong enough for the bond of two alpha werebears and can she survive risking it all for a family she never thought possible?