Winning The Alpha by Carina Wilder

February 24, 2014
Author’s Page

As I have said before books with story told in the first person are not my thing simply because they are mostly boring and I like very few of them for that reason. This book definitely falls into that category for me. I had to skip through so much of the book to find the good parts that I count really count it as read which frustrated me to know end.

I think that if it was told from more than one perspective I might have been able to actually read it from start to finish because the plot based on the preview made it sound like a very good book but once I opened the book I made it ten pages and had to skip to the middle but that didn’t last long either so I just skipped to end where the fight scene between the two wolves was almost as anticlimactic as the first fight scene in that took place in the middle of the book.

I am sure this is a good book for some one who likes these types of books but it just was not for me.

Book’s Blurb
“For twenty-six years I lived, content, without you. I know that I’ll go on living even if I don’t have you. But I’m not sure that I could ever want to.”

A reality show with a howling twist.

What happens when a curvy girl is asked to appear on a cliché-filled television show where twenty-five women are pitted against each other for the affections of one man?
She accepts, of course, when the producer who recruits her is as charming and handsome as Tristan Rivers.

But little does the voluptuous Nikki know that what seems like a run-of-the-mill TV show will lead her into a world of shifters, hierarchy, conflict and ghosts from her past.

Tristan is a strong man with a heart of gold who’s willing to make sacrifices for the chosen alpha. But when he meets Nikki and his own instincts begin to kick in, is it time to change things up?

Only time—and love—will tell.

This lighthearted romance is intended for readers over 18 due to mature subject matter.

This is a standalone novel, though there will be other books about the shifters of Wolf Rock.

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