First Class to Portland (First Class #2) by A. J. Harmon


January 6, 2014
ABC’s Legacy, LLC
Author’s Page

Janie has returned home to Portland broken hearted but determined to work on the list, for moving on and starting over, she created while in New York. Matt is still very much in Janie’s thoughts with passing day even though he said they would still be friends; she hasn’t heard a word from him since she arrived back in Portland. When Matt shows up on her door step with a declaration of love she says she is tired and can they continue their conversation the next day. Matt is determined to win Janie’s heart and take her home with him but first he will have to meet her family and win them over.

I am so happy Matt woke up and smelled the coffee and went after his woman. Talk about big chickens overcoming their fears but at least he did. I really loved how he came charging to the rescue when Janie and her best friend were in major danger (I got an action fix, hehehe). That stupid obsessed Danny needs some time in a mental ward before he goes to prison, and I can’t help wondering if there are other women out there that were victimized by him, guess we will find out in the next book.

Over all I really love First Class to Portland (what self-respecting Oregonian wouldn’t) and I would love to give it a five-star rating but alas I came across enough edits that I can only give it a four-star rating. But even with this rating I want to say that the main characters are very well written and easy to connect with while the continuity coming from one book to the other in this portion of the First Class series is outstanding, I am truly looking forward to the third book.

Book Cover Rating
I really love that the river was included in this cover.

Book’s Blurb
First Class to New York’s Janie Anderson returns home to Portland after her long awaited, once-in-a-lifetime trip to New York City. She had spent two weeks in the Big Apple with the drop-dead gorgeous Matt Lathem, whom she had literally stumbled upon while embarking on her highly anticipated adventure. He had warned her that once her trip was over, so was their time together. But she had fallen head-over-heels for him anyway and had lacked the courage to tell him her true feelings. Heart-broken, she boarded the plane back to her life in Portland.

Back in Oregon, Janie tries to forget him and move on, only to have everything remind her of what she had left in New York: a fresh start and another chance at love.

When Matt realizes that the woman of his dreams and the love of his life is only a first class ticket to Portland away, he risks everything and boards the next plane for the West Coast. What had started as a “romantic fling” had blossomed into something he’d never felt before; an unyielding desire to spend the rest of his life with her.

When Matt shows up without warning, Janie’s world is once again tipped upside down.

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