ROGUE (The Lycan Series Book 2) by P. Gordon Lamb


April 13th 2014
P. Gordon Lamb
Paranormal Romance

Jinni goes to a charity bachelor auction where she bids on a very large sexy man named Steven Preacher Pritchard. She treats him to a fine diner that ends in a very steamy kiss. She likes him but knows he will never call, but that doesn’t stop their paths from intersecting, but his hot and cold treatment of her is bound to give her whiplash before he figures out what he wants unless the rogue he is hunting kills her first.

I really like Jinni and there were several times in the course to the story that I wanted to jump into the book and tell everyone to stop treating her like the whipping post. When Preacher was sweet he was ‘awe’ sweet but when he ran cold I was rooting for Jinni to kick his stupid ass to the curb along with his brothers and Sara because they were any better than Preacher at times.

This being book two in the series the transition from book one to book two was flawless thanks to P. Gordon Lambs attention and care of her books and her love of her characters which is clear in how she writes them. When it comes to each character she doesn’t pull any punches in showing who they are both the good and the bad. With the way the characters were written they almost seemed like very really people because they were written with warts and all.

Book Blurb Rating
The blurb is ok it shares the barest minimum of information about the book and my only suggestion would be that maybe Jinni’s name be put in there somewhere; after all she is the lead character in this part of the story.

Book’s Blurb
Steven Preacher Pritchard has left the Henderson Pack to help the Milan Pack track down and kill a Rogue Lycan. Preacher thought he was in love with Sara, his brother’s mate, but soon discovers the real love of his life. To get to her he has to side track the Alpha’s daughter who is determined to mate him. He also has to get past the Rogue who is determined to kill his new love. During the struggle it is discovered the Rogue as mutated a new form of Lycan that can bring the end to the Lycan community around the world.

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