The Troublesome Mail Order Bride by Cia Leah


April 7, 2014
Cia Leah
Western Contemporary Romance

I pulled the original review back when I was looking to do better and honestly after reading the first review, I am really glad I did. It gave me a chance to revisit The Troublesome Mail Order Bride, it is still a great story.

The blurb gives so much away that I will just stick to my thoughts on The Troublesome Mail Order Bride so I don’t give away even more. I really like Shannon; she is hilarious and will keep Wyatt on his toes for life and I think Wyatt needs that. I also thought Shann’s siblings were a hoot and then sum especially when they drag Wyatt’s brother into the mix, I really hope there will be more stories related to this book.

Yes, the story is very short, I read it in about 2 hours with no interruptions, so it is a great book for catching up your reading count for any challenges you may be participating in.

I am going to stand by my previous rating of 5 stars, even though I did find some quote marks in the wrong places, because I have read this book before and really enjoyed it and I most definitely will be revisiting it again in the future.

Original Review
Posted on 5/10/2014
Short book so it will be a short review. I almost put this book down but I am sure glad I didn’t, I spent most of my time with this book laughing and I look forward to reading it again in the future.

Blurb Rating
In this case I have to say less is more because the blurb for The Troublesome Mail Order Bride is basically told the whole story which is already pretty short, that said after reading the story and reading the blurb again I am left wondering why I purchased the book when I could get the story from the blurb.

Book’s Blurb
Novella length western romance.

Wyatt Larken found the mail order bride he thought would make his life complete. He wanted a woman who would settle down with him on the ranch, love him, bear his children, and live a quiet life. On the day his mail order bride was to arrive, the stage was held up by the Dooby Gang and the stagedriver left her stranded with the outlaws, hightailing it back to town.

Wyatt couldn’t believe the stagedriver when he told him Shannon was giving the outlaws a piece of her mind, citing the Ten Commandments to them, giving him time to get away. When Wyatt went after her, he found her walking back to town and she was in no mood to get wed that day.

Little did he realize that the quiet life he imagined was fraught with danger from the Dooby Gang. When his new wife’s sisters and brothers arrived to protect her and bring down the outlaw gang, he’d never seen a family like hers and found that trouble followed Shannon and her family.

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