Her Brother’s Debt by Victoria Kowalski

September 20th 2014
Victoria Kowalski

Was given this book for an honest review by Manic Readers

Karson Aimes has survived a brutally abusive relationship only to have her brother sell into being a sex slave to three men who are also in a relationship with each other. She has no other choice but to do as they want or they will kill her and her brother too.

Donovan Lassiter, Liam Rosen and Spencer Garvy are three dangerous men that you don’t want to cross, because they will take what they are owed one way or another. When Brad Aimes loses a game of poker to Spencer, he tries to make a break for it but they catch him and while beating their money out of him they find a picture of his sister and make him a deal he can’t refuse. Little do they know that Karson knows how to run for her life earning their respect now they want her to be their baby mama.

Man, I am so disappointed in this book. I combed through the entire list of titles that Manic Readers was offering three times before I found this title. Sure, the blurb was vague but so what? It still intrigued me and then I started reading. I really loved the characters and the story has so much potential once you get past the fact that this book is an editor’s potential nightmare. There were missing quotation marks, misspelled words and the really bad repeated paragraphs and spots that were out of alignment, like they had been cut and pasted to the wrong location.

Victoria Kowalski, I would really like a chance to read this book again sometime, after you have fixed it, so that I can change the rating I am about to give it for I truly believe this has the potential to be an awesome book once it is edited.

Book’s Cover Rating
The book cover could use some revamping as well, it is so bland and not really a good selling point. Like I said before it was the blurb that sold me on giving this book a chance.

Book’s Blurb
Indebted to members of Scale Core, a man makes the ultimate sacrifice; His sister in exchange for his life. Can she learn to trust the three men of Scale Core, keep them satisfied and let them protected her when a dark figure from her past returns?

For mature audiences only, contains foul language, steamy sex scenes with some BDSM elements, M/M and M/M/F scenes.

2 thoughts on “Her Brother’s Debt by Victoria Kowalski

  1. Hi there – I know it’s been a long time since you posted this review, but I actually enjoyed this book and occasionally search for it to see if the author may republish it on Amazon or another site. Would you happen to know if this book is available anywhere that I may have missed?

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    • I have been searching for it as well, with no luck. I wanted to see if it had been updated so I could give it a better review. The story had so much potential.


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