Stony Creek Cowboy (Stony Creek #1) by Taylor Berke

January 3, 2013
Siren Publishing
Word Count

I have procrastinated on writing this review long enough…

I wish I could say I enjoyed Stony Creek Cowboy but so many things utterly destroyed this story for me. There were so many missing words in sentences in every chapter that it felt like I was hitting road blocks while taking a drive, it just sucked. Then there was a sentence where a ‘she’ became a ‘he’ creating a gender issue at an inopportune moment in the book.

Some of the characters were equally frustrating, for example Troy started out as Jackson’s brother then changed to being a cousin later on in the story. I think the worst part of the whole story was the conversation about Ben and Brody you couldn’t tell who was talking and at times there seemed to be confusing about which man did what. I was so confused I had to take a break and try reading it again later and it was still the same confusion.

The lack of attention to detail by the author, the editor and the publisher really ruined what could have been a great story, so I will be deleting this story from my library and giving Stony Creek Cowboy a 1-star rating.

Book Cover Rating
I think the cover might very well be the best part of Stony Creek Cowboy. It clearly has a steamy component to it letting you know the story has many steamy moments.

Book’s Blurb
[Siren Classic: Erotic Cowboy Romance, HEA]

Dr. Billie Rothman, a beautiful, widowed MD, leaves all that she knows behind, attempting to follow her dreams to Stony Creek, Wyoming. She is yearning for the passionate life she wanted to live after a safe marriage to her best friend.

Jackson Powell, a huge, handsome cowboy, literally saves her life soon after she arrives in town. After being married to a selfish and superficial woman, he decides that women are simply for his pleasure and to ranch alongside him and his family, never expecting the bundle of sensual energy that punches him in the gut after meeting his new neighbor.

While getting to know each other, both these wounded souls cannot ignore the instant attraction or the pulling of their hearts, but in the background lurk several individuals who yearn to teach them both lessons in pain and revenge. Unfortunately Jackson’s ex-wife and a jealous acquaintance from his past try to hurt both of them physically and psychologically.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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